Filthy Food Seductive Strawberry & Cream Bites

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Time to cast my eye (and mouth) over another offering from the Filthy Food Company. As you may already be aware, Filthy Food have done a deal with Sainsbury’s in the UK and you can find their fresh cream filled chocolates in the chilled desserts section.

Filthy Food Seductive Strawberry & Cream Bites

After two reviews Filthy are on an even keel – I disliked their Crème Brûlée Bites but was won over by the Dark Chocolate Bites. How would the strawberry chocs fare?

All of the Filthy Foods range come in these very well made ‘fold out’ boxes, and the chocolates are nested inside a sellophane wrapper, looking for all the world like a nest of pyramid-shaped chocolate eggs. As you can see, the insides of the boxes are colour-co-ordinated. Full marks for presentation.

Filthy Food Seductive Strawberry & Cream Bites

The chocolates themselves are ‘restrained’ in the usual ‘thick, hard’ Belgian milk chocolate shell, and the cream filling has been ‘whipped’ with ‘lashings’ of double cream. (Very Carry On Spanking, Matron). Now I have a personal hatred of ANYTHING that is artificially strawberry flavoured, so I was pleased to see that these are filled with the real deal. Strawberries and cream – not particularly avante garde, I have to say, but a timeless classic is a timeless classic after all, and these carry it off well. There’s plenty of fruity strawberry flavour in each bite, and of course the cream works splendidly with the strawberries, as it has done for many a year.

They’re a good deal lighter on the palate than the Dark Choc Bites, and as such they were destined to have a short but happy existence chez Michalak. We hoovered these up in one sitting, and the general consensus was that they were very moreish.

Filthy Food Seductive Strawberry & Cream Bites

Where the Dark Choc Bites were very much an ‘grown up’ after dinner, cup-of-coffee kind of treat, these little fellers have universal appeal, although at 41p per bite you’re probably unlikely to want to turn your kids loose on a box. (Strawberries and donkeys and all that). If your tastes don’t extend too far into the Dark Side, then give these a go.


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  1. the filling does not look much like strawberries to me, but if you say it tastes good…

  2. Filthy Food has a great selection of chocolate. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

  3. Danielle

    They tasted amazing when I tried these and I would happily eat cartons of them, but they were very expensive and you didn’t get very many which was a major shame.
    I haven’t seen any of these around for a few years now, I hope the company starts selling them again in the future, or someone sells something similar they tasted amazing.

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