Hotel Chocolat Best Dressed Reindeer

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Hotel Chocolat Best Dressed Reindeer

I’m not sure why clothes are important to a reindeer. Neither am I sure how wearing nothing but a pink scarf qualifies someone as ‘best dressed’. But in the world of Hotel Chocolat, pretty much anything is possible.

According to the text on the box…

Ever the snappy dresser, our BEST DRESS Reindeer insists on looking his finest every winter with a new scarf.

THIS YEAR he’s sporting a natty white chocolate and winter berry cashmere number and is all set to be the most stylish stocking filler!”

Hotel Chocolat Best Dressed Reindeer

I can’t really argue with that, because I certainly wouldn’t complain if this turned up in my stocking on Christmas morning. At 150g, it’s the perfect size to make a bit of an impact, without being as over-the-top as one of Hotel Chocolat’s 500g slabs.

The chocolate as Hotel Chocolat’s standard 34% milk variety and is beautifully molded and glossy in appearance. As the blurb suggests, the scarf is naturally coloured and flavoured with mixed berries and is quite yummy.

If I had a complaint it would be that the flavoured area is tiny compared to the rest of this 150g animal. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘painted’ on, but it’s only a few millimetres thick at the most, and it’s so yummy that there deserves to be more of it. Maybe a hat next year? Shoes?


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  1. The pink choice might be a bit odd but as long as the flavor is good, any color will do. One of these days I will have the opportunity to try this brand.

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