Filthy Food Captivating Caramel Bites

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Filthy Food Captivating Caramel Bites

The last of the Filthy Food Company’s kind offerings, and this time they contain a blend of caramel and fresh cream – or as they would have it “shamelessly rich caramel whipped into double cream”.

When I posted my original review of the Kinky Crème Brûlée Bites, we received a comment from someone saying that they’d tried these at work “and they were AWFUL!”. Now I wouldn’t go that far, but I have to say that to my palate these tasted rather like they’d been filled with golden syrup.

The overall impression of the filing is of a syrupy, sickly sweet tasting creamy goo – far too sweet for my liking and way to rich. When I ate one, I didn’t feel as though I could have cheerfully eaten a second one. My co-tasters were in agreement as well. Everyone wanted a second (or third) Choc Bite or Strawberry and Cream Bite, but there were no takers for these.

So there we have it – a split decision. I would happily recommend half of the range but I would also steer prospective buyers away from the other half of the range. Still, it’s early days for Filthy, and if they can produce more of the yummy stuff then I can see them carving themselves a niche in the after-dinner, special treat market.

(Footnote: I was in my local Sainsbury’s the other day and I noticed that they are offering the entire Filthy Foods range at 50% off. A good time to try them!)


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  1. Emma

    I have to disagree – the Kinky Crème Brûlée Bites are like little drops of delicious caramel flavoured cloud. A much lighter option than the chocolate bites, which means you can eat more!!

  2. Nathan


    I Luuuuurve all the Filthy bites – what a refreshing change and perfect for dinner parties – don’t bother with puddings just get a few boxes of these and the conversation turns ‘interesting’. All my friends devoured them in seconds…my favourites are Strawberry and Chocolate but others prefferd the Kinky brule and caramel options.

    I want more flavours asap!


  3. Simon

    I can’t help but think that if you’re not already working for Filthy, then you could get a job doing PR for them.

    A few boxes of chocolates makes the conversation ‘interesting’? I don’t know what they put in yours then!

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