Faith In Nature Chocolate Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner

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Faith In Nature Chocolate Soap

Faith in nature make natural beauty products of the sort you tend to see in health food stores. They have a whole range of products made with real organic chocolate and no artificial anything. I tried the soap, the shampoo and the conditioner.

The picture of the shampoo bottle on Faith In Nature’s website, shows the shampoo to be quite dark and chocolate-coloured. However, I received both the shampoo and the conditioner in trial sachets and so the colour of the shampoo seemed much lighter.

Faith In Nature Chocolate Shampoo

The scent is quite subtle, which I find is often the case with natural beauty products, as synthetic perfumes are often stronger-smelling. It smells sort of like a cross between what you would think of as “shampoo smell” and a posh chocolate smell, but both were not very strong coming out of the sachet. I think the effect could possibly be stronger in a bigger bottle where the concentration is higher.

The conditioner smelled much more like dark chocolate, although was pale and creamy in colour.

Faith In Nature Chocolate Conditioner

These products are apparently formulated especially for dark hair (like mine!) and are meant to give the hair extra shine. My hair certainly seemed to like the shampoo on first application and the scent, although not immediately noticeable, is certainly present in the undertones. I must say that if you’re hoping for the showering equivalent of bathing your hair in liquid chocolate, you’ll probably be disappointed by the subtlety of the scent. On the other hand, if you’re looking for good quality shampoo from a company that ticks all the natural, eco and ethical boxes, while enjoying the antioxidant benefits of chocolate, then this is a fine choice. The conditioner, too, while making the hair smell and feel nice, did not infuse it with a strong chocolate smell at all.

The soap, on the other hand, in spite of a moment of doubt I experienced when sniffing it up close, was far more chocolatey. All the Faith In Nature soaps are created for a particular purpose, which is stated on the label – cleansing, relaxing, etc.

The chocolate soap says “luxury” on it and you can certainly tell it’s luxurious just by touching it. It feels very rich and creamy. Again, it smells like a cross between soapy and chocolaty. Before I wet it, the smell was pretty faint, but once it hit the water, it was pretty impressive. It may not be as strong as Lush’s Sonic Death Monkey, but it does certainly smell like good quality chocolate and when you lather it up, it glides on the skin in a very creamy, lavish way. I can’t imagine it will last very long, as I can see myself not being able to resist using it far more than is actually necessary just so I can get another whiff of the smell.

The smell didn’t actually linger on my skin for very long but my skin does feel quite soft now, so I’m happy.


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  1. Thanks for the link to FaithinNature – this is a product range I hadn’t heard of before.

    I love the smell of Palmers Cocoa Butter formula range too – really chocolatey – and available in most UK supermarkets and chemists’ such as Boots and Superdrug.

  2. S.R.Kapoor

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    We are very intrested to have our business relation regarding import of your products for our partner in Kabul – Afghanistan.
    will you please inform us about your products list with price .
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