Thorntons ‘Born To Share’ Milk Chocolate With Mango

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This little 80g block of chocolate from Thorntons is something a bit special. Not only is it the first time we’ve featured chocolate made with cocoa beans from Haiti on Chocablog, but a sizeable chunk (91p to be precise) of the £1.79 it costs goes straight to Save The Children.

I’m sure you’ve seen on the news just how bad the situation is in Haiti, a year after the devastating Earthquake. A simple chocolate bar like this can help make a real difference, because not only are you making a direct contribution to a charity’s work there, but you’re also investing in local Haitian cocoa farmers by showing there’s a market for their produce.

The Ben Tre bars from Demarquette that we loved so much did something similar for Vietnamese cocoa farmers, so I’ve been really excited to try this bar.

Of course, all this counts for very little if the chocolate isn’t up to scratch, so let’s get down to the good stuff…

This is a 37% milk chocolate that follows the standard format for Thorntons blocks. We talk about this range quite a lot, but that’s because we love the concept so much. Consumers get to try a wide variety of quality chocolates and flavours at a fixed price, and Thorntons get to experiment with new ideas at minimal risk. If something doesn’t work, it’s not a big deal to move on and try something else.

The milk chocolate in this particular block is sweet and creamy. It’s perhaps a little on the sweet side for my personal tastes, which I think means the average consumer will love it. Despite that sweetness, it still has a fairly rich, chocolatey flavour ands a beautifully smooth texture that melts away in the mouth to leave small pieces of freeze dried mango.

The mango doesn’t have a lot of flavour, but it does add an interesting texture to the bar. The flavour does develop over time, meaning it’s best to eat this bar slowly and let each chunk melt. It turns out that’s quite hard to do though, and I found myself devouring this little block in no time at all.

For me, this is more ‘fun’ than ‘fine’ chocolate, and in this case that may be a good thing. It’s perfect for nibbling on at work, and given that so much of the purchase price goes to such a worthy cause, I suggest buying ten and handing them round the office. It’s guilt-free and a great little introduction to Thorntons blocks. But don’t hang around, as this particular block is a limited edition and won’t be available forever.


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  1. I love dried mango, though I like it chewy with lots of flavour.
    Not seen this bar, but not been in a store recently…

  2. Lotty

    Bought some today. The first chunk oddly reminded me of Cadbury Fruit & Nut for some reason! I’m not a huge milk chocolate fan, but this is really nice. As Dom said, it’s maybe a bit sweet initially, but there is a lovely acidic flavour that lingers long after the chocolate is gone.

    (also bought the dark chocolate with apricot block which is shockingly moreish for dark chocolate, I demolished four chunks inside 10 minutes and I could have taken out the whole bar in one sitting if I hadn’t been so restrained)

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