Melt Popcorn Bar

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Melt Popcorn Bar

It was way back in October 2010 that I last reviewed a bar in this range from Melt.

Melt Chocolates is one of my favourite London chocolate shops, but being tucked away in Notting Hill, it’s a little out of the way. When I do visit, I’m so engrossed in exploring the beautiful range of fresh chocolates that I often overlook these 90g bars, so these this bar is part of a box of samples the Melt team sent me over Easter.

One of the things I like best about Melt is that they’re slightly disconnected from the main ‘chocolate scene’ in London. While they can be quite experimental with their flavours, they’re not as influenced by fashion as the big names, and just quietly get on with life, making what their customers want.

Melt Popcorn Bar

Simply wrapped in paper inside a tasteful card sleeve, the bar has a luxurious, handmade feel to it. Open it up and you’re presented with what looks like a giant lego brick.

Melt Popcorn Bar

This is a healthy 38% milk chocolate, which has a great balance of cocoa notes and sweetness. There’s a subtle nuttiness to it, but the overwhelming flavour is sweet, buttery popcorn. Given how finely the popcorn has been chopped, I was a little surprised just how intense the flavour is. I wouldn’t have considered popcorn to be a strong flavour, but the small amount in this bar is plenty.

Melt Popcorn Bar

I have to confess though, that I’m not much of a popcorn fan. I don’t have anything particular against it, I simply prefer the flavour of unadulterated chocolate. So while I can happily munch on this is a snack, I don’t think I could justify spending a hefty £7.20 on a bar.

With a handmade bar like this, you’re paying as much for the labour and skill of the chocolatier as you are for the ingredients, so that price isn’t completely astronomical. But you’d have to be seriously into popcorn to want to buy it. I would recommend spending your money on some of Melt’s delicious fresh chocolate range instead.


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