Thorntons Mint Batons

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It’s been a while since I reviewed any Thorntons chocolates, but these Mint Batons were part of the goody bag at their recent Christmas launch event, and I couldn’t get them go to waste. And of course, I can’t eat chocolate without reviewing it.

All the big chocolate companies launch their Christmas ranges in July in order to get featured in magazines that have a long lead time. I could wait until Christmas to post this review, but these particular chocolates happen to be available right now on the Thorntons website.

As you can see, you get pretty much what you would expect in the box. Two layers of eight dark chocolate fingers decorated with white chocolate stripes. When you open the box, you’re immediately hit by that after dinner mint aroma; mainly mint, with a hint of chocolate.

In this case, it’s a peppermint flavoured truffle, which actually looks quite nice.

As for the taste, well it’s quite similar to that other well known after dinner mint. The chocolate is a little thicker, and a healthy 60% cocoa solids, so while the mint does overpower any interesting flavour notes, it still tastes sufficiently chocolatey.

The texture is a little more interesting than the average after dinner mint too, as the filling contains tiny pieces of honoeycomb that give it a little bit of a crunch.

Would I buy these? Well actually, I might. Not to eat myself, but to share around with guests, they’re fine. I’d probably take them out of the slightly cheap looking box and present them a little more artistically, but for £3.99 I think they’re pretty good value for what they are.


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