Co Couture Gold Collection

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Co Couture Gold Collection

Another new name to me at the London Chocolate Festival last month was Co Couture from Belfast. I picked up this little box of chocs and some chocolate fudge which may just end up scoffed without being reviewed as it looks so tempting.

Here’s what the blurb on the back of the box says about these though:

“Gourmet Artisan Chocolate. A truly decadent mix of fine dark chocolate carefully combined to create a collection of rich, intensely aromatic chocoaltes encased in crisp dark chocolate shells and decorated with edible gold… heavenly!”

That’s a very long sentence, but it describes the chocolates quite well.

Co Couture Gold Collection

Unfortunately, there’s only three different chocolates in this small box, but they all look good with the dark chocolate shells each decorated with a touch of gold.

Personally, I don’t think gold adds a lot to chocolate, but there’s no denying they look pretty.

Co Couture Gold Collection

The chocolates, which feature 72% dark chocolate shells, are all filled differently, but they are all as rich as the chocolate shells themselves. There’s a hard chocolate caramel that becomes chewy and releases its flavour as it warms in your mouth. There’s a soft hazelnut praline with crunchy bits that reminded me of the Zotter Bacon Bits bar. Finally, there’s a rich, smooth ganache that somehow tastes even more chocolatey than the chocolate.

They’re all rather scrummy, but they’re not light chocolates. Cocoa is by far the dominant flavour in all of them – something that works for me just fine. But I think they’re for serious dark chocolate lovers only.


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