Thorntons Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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Cookies are a bit of a departure for Thorntons, but a very welcome one. I had a taste of these at their Christmas launch back in July and I’ve been looking forward to reviewing them. I finally got my hands on a box at Chocolate Unwrapped the other week, and somehow I’ve managed to devour most of the box before getting around to starting this review.

What can I say? They’re yummy.

Half dipped in milk chocolate, with dark, milk and white chocolate chunks, they’re substantial and chocolatey enough to satisfy even me.

I usually prefer soft cookies, but these have a firm crunch to them. I found that to be a problem easily rectified by judicious dunking into a mug of tea… or hot chocolate.

There really isn’t much else to say about them. They’re hardly “posh”, but they are tasty, crunchy and moreish. My only problem is that the 200g box with eight cookies just isn’t big enough.


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