Hotel Chocolat Kissing Mistletoe

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Hmm. So what can I say about this. Chocolate “kissing mistletoe”…

Well, the chocolate’s nice. It’s that standard, smooth, glossy, 40% Hotel Chocolat milk chocolate. I think we’ve exhausted most of the adjectives that could be used to describe this chocolate already. So I’ll just stick with “it’s very nice”.

But there is a deeper philosophical question that needs to be answered here.

Just what are you meant to do with “chocolate kissing mistletoe”…?

Of course, traditionally you are meant to lure your prey loved one underneath a sprig of mistletoe for a kiss, but would you really want to do the same with a piece of milk chocolate? And will it even stay in place when you try to staple it to the ceiling above the desk in your office? Or are you simply meant to push a piece into your victim loved one’s mouth before giving them a quick snog? These are fundamental questions that need to be answered!

Then of course we have the small matter that mistletoe is poisonous. I am assuming the chocolate version is at least slightly less toxic, as it’s probably not going to go down so well with your target sweetheart if they end up writhing in pain on the floor.

Luckily for you, in the name of “science”, I ate all ten of the chocolates myself and suffered no adverse side effects. And people wonder why I’m still single…


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  1. Dom, we need more active research from you. Try eating it OUTSIDE your flat, okay? 🙂

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    But there are laws against that kind of thing!

  3. Toxic or not, I’m simply loving these. They look fab, too. Although they normally wouldn’t last long enough for other people around me to even sneak a peek at. If someone fed me these and tried to lure me into any kind of indecent activity, I’d probably say yes – just to get more 😉

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