Mars Delight

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Sometimes (not often), I think there are just too many different kinds of chocolate to choose from. Today is one of those times.

The wrapper calls it “Milk chocolate with a rippled wafer surrounded by caramel cream and chocolate cream”. I call it “a bit dull”.

While there’s noting actually wrong with Mars Delight, it’s really just another crispy, chewy chocolate bar in a crowded market. Judging by the packaging (and the price) it’s trying to be a little more upmarket than the average chocolate bar, but it doesn’t really work.

Nice enough, but nothing to write home about. Give me a Kinder Bueno over this any day.


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  1. Dull, really? Mars Delight is definitely my favorite chocolate bar! Unfortunately I’m no longer in the UK where they’re available.

    Found your blog through BoingBoing (who posted the chocolate dalek). Fun stuff!

  2. woop woop chocolate i luv it!!!!

  3. Im dissapointe dwith Masterfoods on their mess up with the new ingredients!! BRING THE OLD ONE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I heart chocolate!!!!!
    Bring on the cocco beans!!!!!
    I love jonny jepp in Charlie in the
    Chocolate factory!!!!!

  5. Nikola

    Kinder bueno is little baby for MARS DELIGHT! it’s the most wonderful candy! (but it is little expensive)

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