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This is the third and final bar I received from The Chocolate Cafe a while back. It’s a simple dark chocolate flavoured with mint. As with the other bars, it’s presented in a simple but elegant paper wrapper, that really is quite attractive.

As you can see, the bar itself looks quite nice too.

This is a 70% dark chocolate of unstated origin. But it has a glossy finish and a nice snap. There is a subtle aroma of mint, but it’s not too strong.

Unfortunately when it comes to flavour, the mint does overpower the chocolate. The bar is flavoured with real mint oil, so it’s not a bad taste, it just doesn’t go with the chocolate. There’s no real depth of flavour, and what you get ends up tasting like a very average after dinner mint.

I also found my bar had a lot of (what I assume to be) undisolved sugar crystals scattered through the bar. About half the chunks in the bar had a ‘crunch’ to them, because of this. I’m sure this wasn’t deliberate, as it’s a little disconcerting to come across unannounced solid crystals in an otherwise very smooth chocolate.

The Chocolate Cafe do an unflavoured 70% dark chocolate, which I presume is the same chocolate without the mint oil. I’d be quite interested to try that, because the chocolate does have a nice feel to it. But I’m not convinced it should be paired with mint.


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  1. julian from chocri

    great review!have you ever tried chocolate with dried mintleaves? it’s great…

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