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It’s hard to believe Matcha Chocolat have only been around for a year, as it seems like Katie Christoffer’s beautiful tea inspired chocolates have been around forever. But this first anniversary box represents something of a departure for Matcha, with more of the chocolates inspired by other herbs and spices.

The mixed selection will apparently feature chocolates that change on a weekly basis, all taken from Matcha’s ‘Chocolate Menu‘. You can still purchase any of the chocolates individually though, and I think that’s the way I would be inclined to buy them.

In this selection, there are six different chocolates. We’ve already talked about the Masala Chai, Mint & Green Tea and Jasmine Pearls in our previous Matcha reviews, and although I think they may have developed over time, I want to concentrate on the non-tea chocolates for this review. We have:

Rosemary, Raisin & Walnut
The caramelised walnut on this chocolate gave me some trouble – it’s sticky enough that when removing the protective cover from the box, the chocolate came with it and ended up on the floor. Boo. The raisin & rosemary are an interesting flavour combination though, and not one I’ve encountered before. Both flavours came through well, and worked quite nicely with the dark chocolate ganache.

Blueberry & Tarragon

A white chocolate diamond with white chocolate ganache blended with blueberry puree and tarragaon. The most striking thing about his chocolate is the deep purple ganache. Obviously there’s not a lot of chocolate flavour here, but the blueberry & tarragon ganache is very pleasant. It’s fresh, not too sweet, and has a light fruitiness to it.

Pink Grapefruit
Our second pink grapefruit chocolate in as many days! This one is a dark chocolate and pink grapefruit ganache in a milk chocolate shell. Another pleasant, but subtle chocolate. The grapefruit is evident, but perhaps slightly lost in the sweet creamy milk chocolate. I think I would have preferred to see a dark chocolate shell on this one.

All in all, an interesting selection, but on balance I would personally go for Matcha’s signature tea inspired chocolates rather than these. Having said that, there are enough chocolates on the ‘menu’, that there’s bound to be a good range that will appeal to most people. If I was looking for a chocolate gift with unusual flavour combinations and quality ingredients, Matcha Chocolat would be at the top of my list.


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