Hotel Chocolat Pretty In Pink Goody Bag

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Hotel Chocolat Pretty In Pink Goody Bag

Taking a step up from the Caramel Sweethearts, we have this Valentine’s offering from Hotel Chocolat. A pink “goody bag” packed with chocolatey delights. In no particular order, we have:

Hotel Chocolat Pretty In Pink Goody Bag

“Selection of the Season” Chocolates

This small tray contains six heart shaped, soft centred chocolates. There’s two white chocolate with a raspberry truffle filling, two milk chocolate with a hazelnut truffle filling and two dark chocolate with an unidentifiable (the packaging doesn’t actually give any description of these chocolates) – but very alcoholic – cream filling. Strangely, I preferred the white chocolate one here because the sharp fruity filling cuts through the sweet white chocolate perfectly. I found the milk chocolates a little dull and the alcoholic filling in the dark chocolates was just too much.

Hotel Chocolat Pretty In Pink Goody Bag

Drops Gemstones

These rather beautiful little drops of marbled dark and white chocolate taste every bit as delicious as they look. Because the chocolate is “fused” rather than mixed up, you still get all the flavours from the 53% dark chocolate as well as the sweetness and creaminess of the white chocolate. You get a 140g bag of them here which looks a lot, but doesn’t last very long!

Hotel Chocolat Pretty In Pink Goody Bag

Strawberry Meringue Lick

A pink, strawberry flavoured white chocolate “lollipop”, embossed with a picture of doves on one side and studed with small pieces of meringue and white chocolate buttons on the other.

I know I shouldn’t, but I really loved this. It’s very sweet, but the moment you take a bite you can tell it’s made with real (freeze dried) strawberries. The meringue pieces add a little bit of crunch to the texture – and even more sweetness! Definitely one for someone with a sweet tooth!

Hotel Chocolat Pretty In Pink Goody Bag

Caramellow Mini Slab

Finally, we have the obligatory Hotel Chocolat mini slabs. This particular goody bag contains two of them – the first is a white chocolate and caramel chocolate slab, decorated with florentine and chocolate buttons.

I’ve mentioned before how much I like Hotel Chocolat’s caramel chocolate. It just gives an extra dimension of the milk chocolate flavours, and this little slab has plenty of that, along with a satisfying crunchy topping.

Rocky Road Mini Slab

Last but not least we have this milk chocolate slab, decorated with chocolate chip cookie and puffed rice.

Yes, this is chocolate decorated with a cookie that has been decorated with chocolate. That’s a lot of chocolate! I have to admit that after ploughing my way through the rest of the Goody Bag (on my own!) a few nibbles of this was about all I could manage. It’s delicious and crunchy, but at a total of 460g, I was starting to feel a little full by the time I got around to this one.

Hotel Chocolat Pretty In Pink Goody Bag

Overall, this is definitely a gift for a girl who loves pink and has a particularly sweet tooth. It’s not the most sophisticated Hotel Chocolat offering I’ve ever tasted, but it’s fun and tasty. And pink.


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  1. Did I mention that I’m a huge fan of both Caramellow and Rocky Road? No? Oh well. The goody bag looks delicious, flirty and fun – which, I guess, was the idea. And although I’d be much more pleased with HC’s Secrets & Desires, I wouldn’t say no to this one 🙂

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Maggie… don’t worry, I have another HC Valentine’s offering to review yet, and I’ve saved the best til last (at least I THINK it’s the best… I haven’t actually undone the laces that hold the box together yet..) 🙂

  3. This looks very special! Hope someone gives me one. :o)

  4. Jim

    Dom I also have that product left to review out of my batch! I don’t think you will be left disappointed!


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