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Ah, Dairy Milk. Where do you start a review on the mother of all chocolates?

Well how about a little history lesson first.

Cadbury was founded in Birmingham (England!) by John Cadbury in 1824. Originally a grocery shop, Cadbury started producing drinking chocolate, and by 1831, this was his core business.

Dairy MilkDairy Milk was introduced in 1905 and is now sold in 23 varieties (the newest being Dairy Milk with Creme Egg) in 30 countries.

For the purpose of this review, I chose a large (duh!) 250g bar of unadulterated Dairy Milk. Solid milk chocolate heaven.

One quick point to note – this is NOT the same as the US version of Cadbury Dairy Milk, which is a reformulated version made under license by Hersheys. I believe this has something to do with FDA rules on labeling chocolate that has vegetable fat in place of cocoa butter.

So what’s so special about Dairy Milk? Why is it so popular?

Dairy MilkWell it’s partly down to history and branding, but there is definitely something special about Dairy Milk. It appeals to people from all walks of life and is quintessentially British (even though it’s now made in France & Poland).

The chocolate itself is sweet without being sickly. It’s creamy but not so much that you can’t taste the chocolate. It’s filling but simultaneously moreish. And importantly for a poor blogger, it’s inexpensive without being ‘cheap’.

Having spent some time considering this, I’ve come to the conclusion that the primary reason for its popularity is simply that it’s completely inoffensive and totally middle of the road.

Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so.

In one form or another, it’s the chocolate I buy more than any other, and I don’t plan on giving it up!


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  1. Chocoholic123

    has anyone tried the new dairymilk double choc?

  2. Yes its very nice and a great addition to the cadbury’s range.


  3. Chocoholic123

    i thought it kinda just tasted like the caramel dairymilk but chocolate caramel lmao =)

  4. Clare

    oh my god love the newadvert with the gorilla wanna see more off it !!!!!!!!!!!…….fantastic marleting campaigne

  5. i love chhocollate x i eat it. its ytummu

  6. hi
    i like choklet very much.

  7. Sofie

    Chocolate is yummy
    It is my favourite food
    I always eat my chocolate
    Even when i’m in a bad mood

    I think that chocolate is really good
    I eat it every day
    I’d do anything for chocolate
    Even eat a bail of hay

    You can buy all sorts of chocolate
    Top Deck, Caramel too
    Everybody has a favorite
    What chocolate do you choose?

    Chocolate is really klass
    It has always been the best
    Lollies, Toffee, Ice-cream
    It is better than the rest

  8. Sofie

    as u can see i would die right now if i could have a bar of chocolate!!!=P
    lots and lots of chocolate kisses SOFIExoxox

  9. Dan

    This is one of my fave types of chocolate! Great site by the way 😀

  10. anushi

    hmm…hey can u guys giv me few factors taht draws u towards this yummm choc…need 2 write a report…plz.

  11. babycakes=)

    umm well its moreish. makes you want another one straight after, for me its not too sickly,its soft depending how you eat it,its simple you know what you are gettin and there isnt too many flavours packed it too one bar..sometime thats a good thing.sometimes it isnt. hope this helps:) also you know its going to satisfy those chocolate cravings! yum..guess what im off to buy now:P

  12. sahil slathia

    cadbury is the one of the most tasty choclate i have eat .I love this choclate till my last breath.

  13. rubeldoobel xx mmm

    dis is a cool sitee i lurvv chocolate 2 th core! and derry melk is my favee!! xx yum!!

  14. a bit bland for me but tasty chocolate

  15. sweety

    its a veeeeryyyyyyyyy nice and useful product review for me……..thaaaanxxxxx alot…….this is helping me prepare for my exam………:)

  16. khadija

    awesome ;D , btw i love toblerone 😉
    khadija, singapore

  17. Gordo

    What about an expose on the apparent differences between UK/Ireland and AU dairy milk? Cause of big debates between expats in both countries.

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  19. I put melted chocolate into a condom freeze it and use it as a dildo yummy xxxxx

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