Dark Sugars

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Dark SugarsI’d like to thank the ladies who we on the Dark Sugars stall in Borough Market this weekend. Despite the fact they’d had a hard day’s work and were closing up, they still took time to have a quick chat about chocolate, and to allow me to try a couple of their truffles.

I was delighted to have been offered a slow-to-warm chilli truffle, but I was very chuffed indeed when they let me try a totally new (to me) flavour – Infused Tea truffle. It was as it should have been, sublimely blended flavours in a smooth, dark truffle, dusted with bittersweet cocoa. Scrumptious.

Looking at their website, I can see a fistful of unusual flavours I’d love to get my teeth into (gin and Lime and Dry Apple Cider & Cinnamon being just two. Perhaps they’ll save me the 75m round trip and let Chocoblog have a few samples? Maybe?



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  1. holly caulfield

    I was not impressed at all with this company
    because I bought some truffles on-line 2 weeks ago
    and they still have not arrived. I only live in Brighton
    not Tipperary !!

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