West Cornwall Pasty Company Chocolate Pasty

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West Cornwall Pasty Company Chocolate Pasty

UK readers will no doubt have seen the West Cornwall Pasty Company concessions stands on numerous stations and high streets throughout the land. I was in Fulham just before Christmas, and happened to fancy a (proper, hot) pasty, so I stopped off at one of their kiosks. I was a little surprised and somewhat amused to see this for sale alongside the more traditional (and not so traditional) pasties, so I bought one.

Once again we’re in the ‘novelty/souvenir/joke’ category with this item. However, the information on the packet told me that County’s (who made this item) are in fact chocolate makers in their own right, and their chocolate pasty appears to have been stickered with a West Cornwall Pasty Co. sticker, so perhaps this is more widely available.

It’s also not cheap and nasty chocolate – with 35% cocoa solids it stands up well next to many other milk chocolate products. The makers claim that this is made from premium grade beans and just a dash of bourbon vanilla, so it sounded promising.

I had to take a very sharp knife to this little beast in order to extract a mouth-sized chunk, and when I popped it into my mouth I was pleasantly surprised. Soft, full bodied milk chocolate with that hint of vanilla. Not too sugary and with a good mouthfeel, good body on the cocoa flavours, and a clean finish. It is indeed pretty good quality stuff – something of a relief as this isn’t the cheapest novelty chocolate in the world. There again, as we all know, you pay for what you get, and I’m happy to say that this rather unusual item is worth buying if you’re looking for something a little different in the way of a chocolatey treat. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy another chocolate pasty, but I’m definitely going to keepo an eye out for more County chocolate products in future.


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  1. So, it sounds like it wasn’t stuffed with anything (e.g.nuts or fruit) but is just solid chocolate?

  2. Christine

    Like Pam I thought this would have something inside. That would make it more pasty like surely?

  3. Andrea

    I did not like it at all, it was too much of cheap plain chocolate

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