Galeta Chocolate Brownies

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Galeta Chocolate Brownies

Regular readers will know that I’m quite partial to the occasional brownie, and when it comes to favourites, I’m a big a fan of Paul A Young’s interpretation. Specifically, his Simnel Brownie with marzipan is still one of my all time favourite food creations, although it’s sadly no longer made.

Technically though, you could argue that Paul’s brownies aren’t brownies at all. They contain so little flour that they’re more like a dense, gooey block of ganache than a traditional brownie. But frankly, I don’t care. Rules are there to be broken and I love that moist, sticky gooeyness.


I’m always a bit wary when other companies want to send brownies for review. In my eyes, they’re really as nice and they’re nowhere near as gooey. So when I opened these two tray bake boxes of brownies from Galeta, I was very pleasantly surprised.

I was sent a tray (15 portions in each) of both chocolate brownies and salted caramel brownies and they’re really rather good. These are clearly proper brownies with a nice crisp top, but what made them stand out for me is just how soft and gooey they are inside.

Galeta Caramel Brownie

They’r deliciously moist and really very tasty. Light in texture but rich and intense in flavour, these brownies are perhaps a little sweeter and not quite as chocolatey as a Paul A Young creation. But there’s no doubting that these little treats are most definitely proper brownies. Having tried a couple of slices of each, for me it’s the salted caramel brownie that wins the day. The extra flavour from the caramel really makes the difference.

This is my first experience of Galeta, and I’m impressed with the product and service. And it just £14.95 for a whole tray of chocolate brownies, they’re pretty good value too.


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  1. Fudgy centre, crisp top, beeeeeaaaaautiful.

  2. Looks amazing. I have actually heard several good stories about the treats from Galeta. Do they deliver outside the UK?

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