William Curley Cinnamon Milk Chocolate

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William Curley Cinnamon Milk Chocolate

This rather ordinary looking box conceals 50g of cinnamon flavoured milk chocolate from Britain’s best chocolatier (at least according to The Academy of Chocolate). Picked up from his stand at the London Chocolate Festival for the princely sum of £3.50.

There’s no details about country of origin given, but it has a relatively low cocoa solids content at just 32%. The result is a chocolate that is sweet and milky with some subtle caramel flavours, but is much less rich than you might expect.

From previous experience, it can be quite tempting for chocolatiers to over do things a little when using cinnamon, but in this bar it’s very low key, adding little more than a gentle warmth to the chocolate.

Although it’s a simple bar, the flavours are perfectly judged and work together beautifully. What you end up with is something that is so subtle and warming that it becomes the perfect comfort food. This isn’t the kind of chocolate you’ll want to share.

At this point, you may be wondering why there’s no photo of the chocolate itself. Unfortunately, this is entirely down to the fact that I was unable to resist eating most of it before I remembered, and by the time I did, I was beyond the point of caring.

Sorry about that.


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  1. SammyJay

    I love Cinnamon. And I love Chocolate – so its the perfect combination in my opinion. I’ve found it quite difficult to come across in the UK, thought Hotel Chocolat do those lovely cinnamon chocolate coated nuts. 😀
    My question is; is it worth spending £3.50 on? You clearly enjoyed it, but am just wondering whether its value for money?

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    If you love cinnamon and you love chocolate, then yes, it’s value for money!

  3. Adriano

    l’m really missing the cross-section,Dom.That was soooo selfish,ha,ha.Well,considering my dark brown addiction,l’d forgive you this milk case,l guess.

  4. Cinnamon and milk chocolate – yum!

  5. Chocolate and Cinnamon really goes well together. I think I’m going to save some of my allowance for this yummy chocolate.

  6. Ashleigh

    Lindt also do a cardamom and cinnamon chocolate… unusal but worth trying to track down. A german thing, though, as far as I’m aware.

  7. Simon

    Mr Curley’s chocolates are devilishly easy to scoff. I just had a similar experience with a selection of ganaches. There they were, gone.

  8. I recently ate one of these William Curley bars. The thing that struck me was the purity of the cinnamon taste. I’m not sure I’d agree that the cinnamon is very ‘low key’ – but it is not overdone.

    Cinnamon is a lovely taste in itself, and a really nice smell too, but in cooking if you add too much of it, it can easily get to become a bit too much, and looses that elusive, exotic quality. In this bar, Curley seems to have managed to get a pretty strong, pure cinnamon taste, but it remains pure and never overloaded.

    Absolutely loved it!

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