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We first met Pourtoi at the Speciality Food Fair last year, where they shared a box of chocolates and a cookie with us. Since then, they’ve won several awards including Great Taste Awards for those cookies, and they’ve been kind enough to share their range with us.

These are all double choc chip cookies (the cookie itself is chocolate flavoured) and there are versions with orange oil, lemon and raisins.

All the cookies are dairy free, gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian and kosher, which should mean that most people can enjoy them. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these are just made for those on special diets though. They’re some of the nicest cookies I’ve had in a long time.

The cookies are thick, with a deeply cracked surface, but underneath they’re incredibly soft and moist. I’m not sure how they manage to stay together, as once you break them, they crumble apart very easily, but all my cookies arrived in perfect condition.

Despite being very soft and moist on the inside, they’re more crumbly than chewy, so it’s quite difficult to eat them without making a mess. But while they’re light in texture, they’re rich and chocolatey in flavour.

The orange flavour cookie won two gold stars at the Great Taste Awards last year, but my favourite is the plan double choc chip. It’s simple, tasty and very moreish.

I do slightly miss that chewy texture you get with other soft cookies, but given that these are gluten and dairy free, I think Pourtoi have done a great job.

Personally, I prefer the original double choc chip variety, but the orange, lemon and rasin cookies are all expertly made with just the right amount of flavour. The chocolate is always the star of the show.

Whether you have special dietary needs or just enjoy chocolate chip cookies, they’re worth seeking out. Pourtoi don’t have an online store yet, but you can place an order simply by dropping them an email.


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  1. OMG that just looks SO yummie! <3 Crunchy outside and soft inside… <3

  2. Fabulous Biscuit Looks Yummy Also…And Tasty!

  3. I feel Happy to eat them

  4. Soraya

    is it true they are only 90 calories each?!!? thats what the barcode says!!!

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