Thorntons Cappuccino Bar

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Way back in July 2006, I reviewed Thorntons Continental Cappuccino – a bag of coffee flavoured chocolates that I found more than a little overpowering.

Well this looks to be the bar equivalent of that caffeine-infused bag of chocs. In fact, if you were to take a cross-section of the chocolates and the bar, you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart on looks alone. So what we have here is a rounded bar of white chocolate, sprinkled with cocoa with a coffee truffle centre. It certainly looks quite tempting…

When you open the wrapper, the coffee aroma is subtle but tempting. And that sums up how the bar tastes too. It’s much smoother and creamier than the individual chocolates, and the coffee flavour (and caffeine rush!) is far less intense.

I was a little concerned the white chocolate was going to be so sweet, but because there’s such a high “filling to coating ratio”, it ends up working very well. The truffle filling has a very pleasant cocoa flavour which works perfectly with the coffee.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent mid-morning snack, and something I’d definitely consider buying again.

So far, I’ve been impressed with all the Thorntons’s “bars” that I’ve tasted, and I love the idea of taking something simple like an every day bar of chocolate and experimenting with flavours. I’m really glad to see that they’re coming out with interesting and fun new products. Long may it continue.


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