Cocoa Loco Pleasure & Pain

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Cocoa Loco Pleasure & Pain

This hot chilli bar comes to us from – an online retailer of all things chilli-related – and is made exclusively for them by Cocoa Loco.

According to the packaging, it’s made with 0.3% Naga Jolokia chilli powder. That may not seem like a lot, but Wikipedia helpfully informs me that Naga Jolokia is the hottest chilli pepper in the world.

Still… it’s only 0.3%… it can’t be that hot, right..?

Cocoa Loco Pleasure & Pain

Hmmm. OW! Arrrgh! Ow! Ow! OWWW! Mmmm! Ow!

…was my reaction to slipping one tiny chunk into my mouth. This is hot stuff. Really hot stuff – right at the other end of the scale to the Thorntons chilli bar I reviewed recently.

You can guess by the very fact it’s made for a specialist chilli site, that this is more of a bar for chilli lovers than chocolate lovers. The heat is intense and almost overpowering. But there are actually some rather nice cocoa notes underneath all that heat – and although the label doesn’t give much away, it does state that it’s 73% cocoa solids, with the only other ingredients listed being sugar, vanilla and that chilli.

The one thing the label does have is a warning that it may cause skin and eye irritation. That’s something I haven’t seen on a chocolate bar before.

All in all, this is clearly made from quality ingredients, but it’s really more of a gimmick than anything else. It’s well known that chilli and chocolate go together well, but this is taking it to extremes – the kind of thing you’d buy to share with friends and see how much you can take, rather than for the enjoyment of the chocolate.

Or of course you could just remove the packaging and that warning and give it to an unsuspecting victim friend… not that I’d ever do such a thing… oh no…


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  1. Rita

    I love Chile and Chocolate but like all good things, they need to be balanced well. The warning is for the chile, so don’t eat a piece and then rub your eye with the same finger – ai carumba!

    I have a great recipe for a chile chocolate cake made with chile caribe. No one ever believes it has chile in it, even though it is sprinkled on top of the chile chocolate frosting. Mmmmm, I should bake one before it gets to hot to bake.

  2. silvermage2000

    Yikes I will stay away for this one this would be too spicy for me.

  3. Paul Vincent

    Just eating a bar of this now. Wow, that’s fantastic! Chilli-chocolate bars are usually either wimpishly mild on the chilli front, or disgustingly cheapo chocolate. This is very good quality, serious chocolate, and the biggest chilli kick available, all in one glorious bundle. Looking forward to the milk and white versions, which were also in my latest delivery of hot stuff from Scorchio (wonderful people!).

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