Booja-Booja Raspberry Truffles

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Booja-Booja sent this little box after company founder Colin Mace found Simon’s review of their Flambéd Banana Truffles and got in touch to say how much he liked our little blog. Never one to miss an opportunity, I managed to persuade him to send me something to review myself!

The actual box is tiny – less than two inches across, but open it up, and the chocolates literally fill up the box. There’s no wasteful packaging here!

But these aren’t just any truffles. They’re raw truffles, with no added sugar. They’re organic, vegan and wheat, dairy, gluten, soya and cholesterol free. Oh yeah, and the chocolate is 100% cocoa solids. So what is in them?


Chocolate (100% cocoa solids, raw), Agave (raw), Coconut Oil (cold pressed, raw), Raspberries (freeze dried), cocoa powder.

How do they taste? Well personally, I love them, but they’re not subtle.

Bite into one, and first you get the bitterness of the cocoa powder, quickly followed by a subtle coconut flavour, then an intense, tangy raspberry hits you, before fading back to leave the lingering flavour of dark chocolate and coconut.

Like the banana truffles that Simon tried, these are quite dense – thicker than you’d get with a cream ganache, but they’re smooth and melt away quickly.

If you’re on a restrictive diet, then these could be ideal for you. But don’t be fooled into thinking these are just for health food fanatics and people with special dietary needs. They’re delicious, luxurious truffles, presented in a fun but understated manner. If you’re into tangy, fruity flavours than I highly recommend trying them!


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  1. I love booja booja. My friend Ruth introduced me to them a few years ago, she finds them in her local organic shop.

    I was right with you until you mentioned the coconut. Despite a taste for Bounty bars (yes I know) I don’t much care for coconut in other chocolate and would likely prefer these with just raspberry, no coconut.

  2. Hannah

    I’ve just picked up one of the tiny 2 truffle boxes and I have to say that they were no way near as good as I expected them to be. I love most raw chocolates but the coconut oil in these truffles stopped the vibrant raw cocoa flavours from kicking in. They were just a bit flat and even the lovely tangy rasberry bits wouldn’t persuade me to try them again.
    Do any of the other raw chocolate companies produce a rasberry chocolate? I bet conscious chocolate could do a pretty good job.

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