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I interrupt our chocablog jet-setting and whisk you all the way to the local newsagents/corner shop. I guide you to the back of the confectionary display; that’s it, all the way to the back, tucked away in the corner… You got it – a good old Cadbury Starbar. starbarwrapper.jpg

I forgot all about the Starbar until recently. Once re-discovered I immediately purchased with the intentions of reviewing. I devoured it on the way home. Needing to now buy another so that I could take a photo I bought three. I proceeded to eat all of these without first grabbing the camera. The third lot I bought were eaten by my son. Finally I managed to buy a bar, lock it in the cupboard (the one that muffles the sound of chocolate screaming “eat me now!”) and this morning I managed, tough as it was, to take some photos ‘prior’ to eating.
This is one of those bars that makes you wonder how you could have ignored it all this time. I think the deluge of posh chocs, new variations of the standards have made it easy for us to miss the good old favourites.


Described as being ‘shot through with peanuts and caramel’ and (on the other side of the wrapper) Milk chocolate with caramel and peanut centre’ I reckon this is missing out the best bit. It’s a small amount of ‘best bit’ but still, a best bit is a best bit – and for me it’s the crispy rice.

You see, what happens when you bite into a Starbar is: you bite through a million different textures, okay then, about four. The chocolate coating begins to melt, the chewy caramel caresses your tongue, the peanuts prepare to leave a nutty aftertaste and the crispy rice makes you go “ooh!” I do like to go “ooh!”
The wrapper is fun, non-posh and takes me back a few years. The shape of the bar appeals to me; the centre being round rather the usual slab shape. I have no clue why this should appeal to me…I really don’t.
It’s not as filling as a Snickers and maybe it should have more peanuts – or maybe not. The peanut content is right for me but as it states the peanut content twice on the wrapper it could call for some criticism.
Right then, as I’ve just eaten this one for you I shall have to go out and buy another supply.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    How odd – I was just about to write my own review of Starbar – I think you did a far better job of it than I would have though.

    I can’t believe these things have been around so long, yet I don’t recall ever having had one. And what exactly IS the gooey centre? It looks and tastes to me like they just got all the ingredients and stuck them in a big masher.

  2. These things are very good, but you should be ashamed for being able to eat so many.

  3. Yum! I wish we had those as ‘ordinary’ bars in Australia, although they look like Chokitos….

  4. chocodude

    there basically like a boost but with peanut butter flavour and peanuts instead of truffle and biscuit! :):)

  5. I believe I have had one of those on a trip to NY. I loved it!

  6. Wow! Great review! I want to go out right now and buy some! Thanks for the post.

  7. Simon

    Wow – proper ‘old skool’ choccy. I remember when these came out, and I’m not sure if they ever changed the wrapper! I do remember the gooey filling though. Excellent find.

  8. These candy bars were the best. Funny thing nobody knew about the. My all time favorite.

  9. David

    I love you very much and you are my girl….

    Thaks for a wonderful day..

    Love Dougie Poo.

  10. BigBuedro

    Star Bars are the best!

    I used to eat these all the time when i was younger (and somehow i’m still less than 10 stone now at the age of 31) but then i think they stopped making them, so i switched to Peanut Boost (attempted replacement by Cadbury’s).

    When i mentioned them to some work mates about 2 years ago they thought i was imagining things, and strangely enough i found some in my local shop 2 days later so i bought about 10 to prove i wasn’t.

    Well done eating all of those Chocstress…

    I think they have changed the wrapper’s Simon, i seem to remember they used to be plain orange not the orange/yellow sunburst that they are now.

  11. I’m sure that this product first came to market as the ‘Nunch’ bar sometime in the early eighties I think. It was Nunch in Ireland at least – I’m sure of it. I can’t get anyone to believe me and haven’t been able to find any proof. Any help out there? Bar was same size and shape except maybe a little more powdery on the inside. Wrapper was predominantly blue (like most rappers these days!)
    Rgds, Mick

    • jon nunch

      hi you are quite right and no one seems to believe me also…a was given my nickname nunch…at the age o 8/9 yrs old ….am 44 now and people still call me nunch to this day..a was given that name from a cadbury nunch bar wrapper…nunch written in block capitals in yellow writing

  12. Nunchfan

    Mickboyle is 100% correct. Starbar is indeed a re-incarnation of Cadburys Nunch, a 1970s popular choclate bar – remember the add where a dark haired woman walked through a forest with a horse behind her …anyway, Nunch changed name a few times and eventually became starbar- tastes very similar to the original Nunch bar- enjoy

  13. Effie McB.

    I loved these things and now I’m exiled to America haven’t had one in years. My British husband claims not to know them at all, so thanks for the proof. Now all I need is a few cases of them …

  14. Alan

    I knew it…I was right all along!…’Nunch’ was not a figment of my imagination. Thanks for confirming my sanity!!!

  15. markymark

    I think there is some sort of conspiracy behind Starbars!!!!Check out cadburys website and you will find no mention of the beloved LOVE BAR! I even sent them an email on sales but what do I get? – a link to the website that shows nothing about them! What is going on? If you you how to get them free, give me a shout.

  16. Jill

    What did Star bars used to be called????

  17. Dearbhla's Designs

    Up the Nunch

  18. Michelle

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I am from Los Angeles and discovered the Starbar on a semester abroad in London in 1989. I immediately became an addict and every time I pass through England for any reason, I stock up on these to bring home. There is nothing like it!

  19. Essie

    I have lived in England all my life, have seen these on the shelves, and yet had never tried one. Then my other half bought my one, saying “you like these don’t you? It looked like the sort of thing you like”. And I can tell you something… I didn’t like it… I LOVED it!!! If I didn’t have solid steel willpower, I’d’ve gone right out and bought another! Essentially a Boost minus biscuits, add peanuts!

    My new favourite chocolate bar!

  20. If you’re into Star Bars then there is now a dedicated site to this brilliant bar of chocolate. You’ll find a potted history in the making, wrapper images including the very rare image of the original wrapper. There are also a couple of videos too!

  21. i find the star bar a cross between a moro and a snikers its quite tasty

  22. Mr unknown

    haha 4 bars? fatty fatty boom boom!!!

    Wow, srsly though… chocoholic much?

  23. sals

    luking testy,,,, i don’t think these can easily by purchased in Asia… but whatever boost is available in australia and is very nice shaped bar

  24. theslowpoke

    yummy !! these bars are scrumptadoodiddlyicious… !! best savoured with a nice cup of strong milky tea and a relaxing tv programme…. ahhh bliss lifes small pleasures !!

  25. claire

    Tried my first on the basis of this review last night. Agree it’s a good hit of peanuts and although I fancy a more liquid caramel inner core and wafer shell maybe, it ultimately sorely disappointed. They forgot a vital ingredient: a hefty pinch of SALT.

  26. Wayne Ashcroft.

    Very weak impersonation of an overgrown

    • bob

      dont be rediculous, star bars have been around just as long if not longer than chomps
      by your logic a chomp is a weak impersonation of a curly wurlie minus the holes
      same ingredients just made in a different shape and taste and feel completely different

  27. Big Al

    I loved Nunch’s when I was younger, had the hots; not a term used in the time for the beautiful lady (I was of more tender years) with the horse!
    Now I buy StarBars when ever I see them as my son is now a fan too. Even without the advert; different times!

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