Melt Sea Salt Chocolate Mud Pie

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I may well have missed this little gem if it hadn’t been for a text from Jennifer after I mentioned I was in Notting Hill, near Melt Chocolates.

“Make sure you try Raquel’s caramelly thing”, she said. So I went in and asked for “Raquel’s caramelly thing”, expecting to be greeted by blank looks.

But they knew exactly what I meant, and I was presented with a sample of this glorious creation.

I’m not entirely sure how they knew, as this isn’t particularly “caramelly”, although plenty of butter and a hint of Maldon sea salt do give it a bit of a salted caramel flavour.

But finding the words to describe it is actually quite a challenge. It’s part mud pie, part brownie, part chocolatey, fudgey creation. But it’s 100% delicious.

In terms of texture, it’s like a Paul A. Young brownie on steroids. It’s so moist and so smooth that it’s actually spreadable. That’s right; this is spreadable pie!

It may be moist to the point of gooiness, but thankfully the outer edges are not so sticky that you can’t pick it up in your fingers. It’s also a good job that it’s quite a bit smaller than a Paul A. Young brownie, as I’m fairly sure that any more than a single slice of this stuff would kill you. The flavour is rich, deep and very, very chocolatey.

This isn’t available in Melt’s online store, so if you want some, you’ll have to visit the shop in person. I’ll certainly be calling in for more, but if you’re making a trip specially, I recommend giving them a call first to check I haven’t bought the entire stock.


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  1. I’m a makeup artist but I looooove chocolate! Where can you get these in Melbourne, Australia?

  2. Debster

    Melt mud pie looks divine!!!! Do Melt have any other outlets in the UK? Nomalicious!!!

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