Seeds Of Change Organic Dark Chocolate – Orange & Fig

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Seeds Of Change Organic Dark Chocolate - Orange & Fig

“Fragrant figs ripened in the Aegean sun, paired with zesty oranges, enveloped in our rich dark chocolate. Heaven.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Certainly my first chocolate/fig combination, and from a company I normally associate with pasta sauces!

The back of the wrapper continues in the same vein, asking the buyer to summon all their willpower and hold back while breathing in this chocolate’s aroma. They have used Trinitario cocoa, orange zest and figs from the female trees (apparently male figs are inferior) to produce this bar, and they’re obviously very proud of it. The interior of the wrapper hasn’t been wasted either. Open it out and stand by for a potted history of the company and a rundown of where they source their ingredients from.

Seeds Of Change Organic Dark Chocolate - Orange & Fig

I liked this approach to presentation. It’s informal, informative, well laid out and makes good use of the space available. As for the chocolate itself, I’m pleased to report that it doesn’t disappoint either. At 59% it’s reasonably dark, and the zesty tangerine flavours of the orange hit as soon as this touches your tongue. As the chocolate melts away, the citrus flavours continue to build in a most pleasant way and the little chunks of fig are set free to be chewed up with the last of the chocolate. It’s the fig taste that you’re left with at the finish as you chew up the remaining pieces rounding off what I consider to be a jolly tasty little chocolate bar.

Of course being organic means that it’s not cheap, but I think Seeds of Change are onto a winner here. There are a few other bars in this range, and based on my impressions of this one, I wouldn’t be too surprised if you see others appearing on Chocablog in the near future.


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  1. I only discovered this range a few weeks ago myself and I think they have some of the best chocolates out there. I especially liked the dark chocolate bar of theirs, it was so creamy somehow! I know that sounds like a contradiction but it was just yum! All of their bars that I have tried so far were delicious, have fun with them! :))

  2. laura

    i was looking at this in tesco earlier, thinking of getting some for my grandad.
    i’m so glad you’ve reviewed it =)

  3. calendula

    I found this same chocolate in the airport in Amsterdam. At first I didn’t want to pay the price but decided on the treat for the 8 hour flight. Saved the wrapper so I could find it again. The combo is delicious, I was impressed that the flavors were so strong, not just a hint of orange and figs. Found your blog searching where to buy it other than Schipol airport.

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