Gü Naughties Millionaire’s Flapjacks

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Gü Naughties Millionaire's Flapjacks

I have been fortunate enough to have received this little bag of delights (well, not so little actually – the bag will make an excellent picnic hamper, thank you very much) and over the coming week or two I shall be delivering my (and other people’s) verdict on the products contained therein.

Today I am looking at these.

Gü Naughties Millionaire's Flapjacks

These Millionaire’s Flapjacks are made with jumbo oats, caramel and Gü’s quite respectably chocolatey 36% cocoa milk chocolate. The packagng blurb says “So simple and so good, we’re surprised no-one’s tried it before” and I tend to agree. These aren’t terribly complicated little bites but they are one of those things that keep drawing you back for one more.

As I had been gifted a couple of boxes I decided it would be fun to take them with me to the offices of a company I was visiting for some training to see what a cross section of people there thought of them. I offered them round and asked people’s opinions on appearance, texture, flavour, sweetness and the obvious final question – would you buy them?

Appearance wise, I had responses ranging from ‘OK’ to ‘a little firm’ but opinion was generally positive. Personally I think they look just like they do on the box, and yes they’re firm because if they weren’t they’d never survive being transported anywhere. Texture wise, I think the jumbo oats caught a few people unawares. I know when I had my first bite I was a little surprised, probably because I half expected a shortbread base for some reason. The oats are big, and once you start chewing one of these the base quickly breaks up, so the mouthfeel is dominated by them a little.

Flavour wise, almost everyone said they could distinguish all of the ingredients, and that the balance of flavours was good. The flapjack base uses salted butter and it’s possible to pick up a hint of saltiness in there, but it’s the sweet, gooey caramel that tends to dominate when you start to chew. The chocolate coating is quite generous, and seems to do the job of keeping the flapjacks together. It’s not too sweet (and doesn’t need to be with the caramel there) and works very well with the other elements. Personally I found them a little too sweet, and while the sweeter-toothed among the office workers loved them, I did et a couple of comments to the effect that ‘one or two is enough’, but bear in mind that these aren’t meant to be devoured in one sitting. They have a decent shelf life, and the tub is re-sealable for a reason you know!

The last (and probably most important) question was ‘would you buy them?’ and my test subjects were unanimous, although the obvious ‘How much are they then?’ was thrown my way.

I quite like these flapjacks. They’re marketed as a mid-afternoon tea break snack – that little extra sugar boost to beat the four o’clock slump. Bigger than a biscuit and made with good quality ingredients, I think if enough people try them Gü could find themselves onto a winner here.


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  1. It’s hard not to like GU products. Even I as a hardened “home baker” would not turn these down. Yum – a whole bag full of yummy things to try!

  2. I’ve never heard of Gu before. Their packaging is yummy!

  3. Simon

    I went the more traditional route and sampled the contents, so I’ll have to take your word on the packaging part.

  4. Eleanor G

    Spotted these in my local supermarket in Auckland today. I vaguely remembered reading this review, so I brought some home and have to say that they are just as good as described. I love oaty things (Hobnobs – mmmmmm), so the jumbo oats are a bonus. I think it’s hard to eat more than one without feeling that you’re being excessively indulgent, but some days you need excessive indulgence!

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