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Holy f***! Everyone’s favourite sweary chef has a range of f***ing chocolates! But are they any f***ing good, or is Gordon Ramsay just cashing in on his f***ing name again? Let’s find out!

And let’s stop the f***ing swearing too. That could get quite irritating…

The box contains 16 milk, white and dark chocolates and my first reaction upon opening it was that it reminded me of a slightly cheaper version of the Lindt Precious Collection.

I guess the only thing for it is to give a quick opinion of each of the 8 chocolates (2 of each) in the box. So here goes…

Ecuadorian Chocolate Truffle
Single origin Ecuadorian Dark chocolate truffle decorated with gold leaf.
A strong, rich, dark chocolate with an equally rich, but soft centre. This is a pure chocolate hit, so definitely one for the real dark chocolate fans. Others might be put off a little by the lack of any other flavours. The gold leaf is a little of pointless and I would not have even noticed it if they hadn’t pointed it out.

Lime Parfait
White chocolate truffle with lime juice and vodka.
Smooth and creamy with a citrus edge. Not as jarring as some of the white chocolate / citrus combinations I’ve had before. The level of lime is just about right, but I’m not convinced there’s actually any vodka in it.

Strawberry Bombe
White chocolate truffle with concentrated strawberry juice and freeze dried strawberry.
I love freeze dried strawberry, and it goes really well with white chocolate. I think this could have had a little more of a “hit” to it, but it was still very nice.

Marc de Champagne Truffle
Belgian milk chocolate with Marc de Champagne truffle centre, coated in icing sugar.
Just the right mix of Champagne and chocolate flavours. Much preferred these over the Charbonnel et Walker Marc de Champagne Truffles ones I tried a while back.

Nut Cluster
Hazelnut praline & caramelised almond pieces in Belgian milk chocolate.
Creamy, nutty, soft and delicious. The caramelised almond pieces give a satisfying crunch to this delicious knobbly creation.

Salted Honeycomb Fudge
Butter Fudge in Belgian dark chocolate with honeycomb pieces.
I really enjoyed this one. All the flavours – (salt, fudge, honeycomb and dark chocolate) are distinguishable, but the whole thing works particularly well – and the honeycomb pieces give a similar satisfying crunch to the Nut Cluster.

Cappuccino Bruleé
Coffee truffle with Belgian dark chocolate.
My least favourite of the bunch. There’s something very odd about the coffee flavour here – it tastes something like instant coffee mixed with cigarette ash to me (or how I assume that would taste). Ick.

Pistachio Truffle
Belgian milk chocolate with white chocolate and pistachio centre.
This one was a little bland. There isn’t much of a pistachio flavour to it, or even much of a white chocolate taste. It’s sweet and soft, but that’s about all there is to say about it.

In summary, these are for the most part, pretty good. The main exception for me is the Cappuccino Bruleé, which didn’t really have any resemblance to any Cappuccino or Bruleé I’ve ever tasted.

Aside from that, they’re well made and well thought out. They’re not up to the quality of the Lindt offering though. The soft centres just aren’t quite soft enough and the flavours aren’t quite as exciting as they could be.

But I know there are many female Gordon Ramsay fans who would appreciate this simply for the name on the box. And while these are pretty decent chocolates, a large part of me thinks that anyone who would want to receive a gift branded “Gordon Ramsay” does not deserve to receive chocolates in the first place.


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  1. Gail

    is there any type of a box of chocolates that have not been made near peanuts, I have severe allergies thus am unable to eat my favourites. Also have an servere allergy to alocohal so any suggestions would be wonderful. Thank you

  2. Gail – you should try the Lindt Excellence 70% dark range – dark chocolate mousse, Chili, caramel or orange – none of them contain nuts.

    Dom, sweetie darling sweetie – there’s a few typos in this here article and my normally-repressed High School English teacher is emerging – or was it the ash-filled cappuccino brulee?

  3. Kath (Chocablog Staff)

    You’re a brave, brave man, Dom and it’s another big credit to you that Chocablog reviewers are honest – even if they risk getting an angry Gordon F**king Ramsay on their front doorstep ready to kick their a**ses for not liking some of the chocs! 🙂

  4. I think Gordon is highly over-rated. I will stick to lindt myself. Their reputation speaks for themselves and they don’t need to f***ing throw in any blinding swear words or bully you into trying them out! Gordon is a legend in his own mind.

  5. tsixestixe

    I love assorted chocolates that have a lot of white chocolates in them! Growing up I’d try to pick one of the white chocolates from the box (why were there always only two?!) or else I’d be left trying to find a milk one without nuts inside it. Sigh, someone needs to make a box that’s ALL white chocolate, just different fillings.

  6. haha! What great marketing especially putting Ramsay’s name upfront!

  7. Claire

    Bland, bland, bland. Try Leonidas for chocs that pack a flavour punch

  8. Daniel

    Is there anyplace online where you can buy these
    (that will ship to the US)? If anyone knows of a
    place, please notify me. Also, who makes them?


  9. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Daniel: I can’t find anywhere online that sells them at all, but you’re probably better off going for something like a box of Lindt chocs anyway.

  10. Sharron

    Personally – I love ’em! Hope Santa brings me a box this year!!

  11. Ian

    I bought some of these for my wife last year on valentines day. We both thought they were terrible. Bland, not very chocolatey, and just pretty tasteless. A real disappointment. Will stick to Hotel Chocolat this year.

  12. pam nolan

    where can I purchase gordon ramsays just desserts in canada??
    used to be at the Bay.

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