Cadbury Dairy Milk with Turkish

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Dairy Milk with TurkishThis is a bit of an odd one. You see, Cadbury also make Fry’s Turkish Delight, and this bar contains all the same ingredients. Just not necessarily in the same order.

If you’ve not had Turkish Delight before then… well… you probably won’t like it much. It’s an acquired taste. It probably helps to have been force-fed it as a child too. It’s just a bit… weird.

Turkish Delight is made from starch and sugar and has a soft, jelly like texture. It usually has subtle flavourings – rosewater in this case. “Real” Turkish Delight is generally cut into cubes and dusted with icing sugar.

Dairy Milk with TurkishThe main difference – and the only difference, as far as I can tell – between Dairy Milk with Turkish and Fry’s Turkish Delight is the format of the bar. The Fry’s bar is a single slab of gloop Turkish Delight covered with a thin layer of chocolate. This bar follows the standard Dairy Milk format. Lots of small chunks with thicker chocolate.

The result is a significantly higher chocolate to Turkish ratio in this bar. And that (in my opinion) makes this a whole lot more palatable. For me, Fry’s Turkish Delight is just sickly, but this is actually quite nice.

I can’t say I’m a Turkish Delight convert, but at least this is more interesting than certain other Dairy Milk varieties I could mention.


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  1. babycakes=)

    too be honest i prefer more turkish then chocolate i think in this bar the chocolate is too overpowering and you cant really taste the inside filling…but then i find that with all dairymilk bars..*chuckles* 😀

  2. hope

    oh my God it looks so delicious i wish i can taste it right now & may be evry day…

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