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Here’s some more Fairtrade chocolate sent to us by the Fairtrade Foundation for Fairtrade Fortnight. This time, it’s a 34% milk chocolate flavoured with aniseed oil.

If you’re thinking that sounds a bit weird, you’d be right. In fact, it’s not just weird, it’s horrible. While I like liquorice, and even found some that works with chocolate, I’ve never really got on with aniseed. Part of my dislike comes from products like this, where it’s so strong that it simply overwhelms any other flavour.

These particular chocolates are, for some reason, shaped like pyramids. the molding isn’t great though, with lots of air bubbles in the surface, and the fact that they’re loose in the bag means that they look like they’ve been knocked around a bit.

Upon opening the bag, you’re greeted with the strong smell of aniseed and not a hint of chocolate aroma. The shape makes them a little bit awkward to eat. You either attempt to bite off a chunk and end up spiking the roof of your mouth, or you try to eat one whole… and end up spiking the roof of your mouth.

The flavour is overwhelmingly aniseed. It has all the texture of milk chocolate, but none of the flavour. And it’s the kind of flavour that stays in your mouth for the rest of the day.

Of course, if you love aniseed, you will probably get a kick out of something like this. But I don’t love aniseed. I love chocolate. And I really don’t think fellow chocolate lovers will get much out of this at all.

It is a little sad writing bad things about a Fairtrade chocolate, and I’ve no doubt Choc-affair are accomplished at what they do – at least they’ve taken the time to produce something with fairly traded ingredients, which is more than most chocolate companies do.

No, my hatred of this particular product is based primarily on the fact that I just don’t want my chocolate infected with aniseed oil. Ever again.


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  1. Infused milk chocolates overwhelmed by the added flavors are obnoxious. May as well just use white chocolate.

  2. may as well just use white chocolate

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