Thorntons Lemon Mousse Bar

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A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed a Marks & Spencer Lemon Mousse bar, when Chocablog reader Jim pointed out that Thorntons do a suspiciously similar range of bars themselves. I decided to track one down so I could do a proper comparison.

As you can see, it looks very similar to the M&S bar, but there are a couple of differences. The Thorntons offering is decorated with milk chocolate rather than dark, and the pattern on the top is different.

The filling is the same sweet, tangy and lemony mousse that the M&S bar had, but this time I think it goes a little better with the white chocolate. The contrast between the citrussy filling and creamy coating isn’t quite as jarring as it is on the M&S bar.

As a result, I really quite enjoyed this. I’m guessing that Thorntons manufacture the M&S range, while giving them some minor tweaks to differentiate them. But in the case of the lemon mousse bar at least, those little tweaks give the Thorntons offering the edge.

As I said in the M&S review, this isn’t really a bar for out and out chocolate lovers, it’s a bar for lemon mousse lovers. But it is still enjoyable, light and refreshing, and I’d certainly be tempted to pick one up again.


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  1. Jim

    Hi Dom, Cheers for the shout out!! I really wouldn’t be surprised if Thornton’s did have some sort of part to play in the manufacturing of the M&S range… they both seem remarkably aligned! I will have to get round to trying the M&S version, im not holding out too much hope as you say the lemon is even more concentrated on that version! I thought it was too intense on the Thornton’s I guess I will see!


  2. Very interesting I think I might do a taste test myself and see who wins. What an excuse to eat more chocy bars.

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