Cocoa Loco Champagne Truffles

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My last encounter with Cocoa Loco was back in 2009 and took the form of a rather hot chilli chocolate bar. This time round, I have something a little more sedate; this rather cute little box of six handmade, organic champagne truffles.

You might only get six in a box, but these are substantial chocolates at about an inch across. They’re decorated in fine flakes of milk chocolate, which conceals a thicker than average 34% milk chocolate shell underneath.

Inside the shell is a soft and creamy ganache with a lovely smooth texture. The ganache is only subtly flavoured with Champagne, so don’t expect a strong alcoholic kick here. As with all good Champagne truffles, it’s more of a gentle hint than anything else, with the cocoa flavours taking centre stage.

Combine that with the thick and creamy milk chocolate shells and you end up with a really quite delicious truffle. The need for a longer shelf life means they do lack a little of the light, freshness of my all time favourite truffles from Cocoa Mountain, but that’s a minor niggle. I’d be very happy to receive a little box of these on Valentine’s Day.

One word of advice if you are buying them for someone though – make sure you’re around when they open the box, because they’ll disappear very, very quickly.


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  1. I am sorry, but chocolate truffles should have thin coating. While these truffles appear to be “nice looking”, I am not sure I would like to eat them. I want to feel the “melt-in-your-mouth” ganache, not solid milk chocolate. Based on the photograph, the ganache does not appear to be soft and/or creamy, but rather dense and heavy.

  2. I like the packaging too. I am not a truffle expert but I would eat them in a second. Thanks for the Cocoa Loco tip. I will definitely check these out.

  3. An intgllieent answer – no BS – which makes a pleasant change

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