Terry’s Volcanic Popping Candy Chocolate Orange

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Terry's Volcanic Popping Candy Chocolate Orange

We’ve had a few incidences of exploding chocolate recently. What with Gorvett & Stone’s Exploding Frogs and Galler’s Volcaniques, we seem to have been experiencing a fair bit of fizz and pop. No surprises then that Terry’s have come up with a Chocolate Orange with popping candy.

Chocolate Orange has been around forever (since the 1930’s apparently), and you can’t argue with that sort of longevity. Over time we’ve seen it turn Dark, White and now it explodes.

Terry's Volcanic Popping Candy Chocolate Orange

As someone who remembers the original ‘Just tap it, unwrap it, and share a little luxury’ tagline, I was amused to read the new instruction. No more gentle rapping on the table (for twenty minutes). No, Terry’s acknowledge that the Chocolate Orange is a bugger to get into. ‘Father, fetch the cricket bat.’ – or indeed ‘Dawn French, get the roling pin’.

As for the chocolate itself, it’s what you’d expect. 25% cocoa, sweet, run of the mill milk chocolate as beloved by millions of Britons. It tastes like most of the popular milk chocolate brands, probably because they’re all trying to emulate Cadbury’s for milk/sugar/cocoa balance (more than likely in that order). The popping candy is also quite sweet, but does have the promised natural flavours, being made of orange and sugar. If you like your chocolate sweet and, well, sweeter, then look no further.

Chocolate Oranges must sell in their squillions. They used to be around at Christmastime, but now they’re just ‘there’. Adding popping candy to the chocolate will just mean they sell more Chocolate Oranges. I’m sure quite a few people reading this LOVE Chocolate Orange, and who am I to argue with that? All I can say is that there is such a lot of much better chocolate out there now that I for one begin to question the point of this sort of chocolate. Most kids and a lot of adults would disagree.

I tasted two pieces and gave the rest away. Enough said.


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  1. Myln

    Last Christmas they weren’t around, and I was wondering if they actually do them anymore?

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