Chocolate Cellar: Rose N Chilli Dark Chocolate

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Chocolate Cellar: Rose N Chilli Dark Chocolate

Another Christmas present! This time from Paola.

First things first though. Paola mentioned she bought this bar from Little Green Men, an online chilli store, but also that she had extremely poor customer service from them. As such, I have to recommend you go direct to the maker’s web site – The Chocolate Cellar – if you want to buy one of these.

The first thing you’ll notice about this bar is the very plain packaging. A plain white cardboard box with home-made stickers… and the best before date written in biro. For me, that kind of thing gets my attention much more than fancy packaging. This is obviously handmade, and that usually means it’s either going to be really good or really bad.

So which is it?

Chocolate Cellar: Rose N Chilli Dark Chocolate

Well luckily, we have a winner here.

Aside from the fact that my bar was broken (hardly surprising, given it’s been through the UK postal service at least twice), this is a deliciously warming bar of dark (53.5%) chocolate. Perfect for cold winter nights.

Biting into a chunk, the first flavour to hit you is the rose oil. This is the same stuff that Turkish Delight is flavoured with, and the taste is very reminiscent of a good quality Turkish.

The next flavour that hits you is the smooth, rich dark chocolate. It’s fairly sweet and complements the rose flavour perfectly.

Finally – and only when most of the chocolate has melted away in your mouth – does the chilli start to make itself known. But it’s not a strong kick, just a subtle warmth that builds in your mouth as the chocolate disappears.

In summary, a rather delicious bar with wonderful flavours. I would have no hesitation in recommending this as a first-time chilli chocolate bar. It will leave you feeling warm inside without kicking you to the floor and stamping on you like some “hot” chocolates can.

This is definitely a case of a product that speaks for itself. No fancy packaging or expensive web site. Just delicious chocolate. Perfect.


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  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think the chilli chocolate is available from the Chocolate Cellar – maybe exclusive to Little Green Men (who supply the chillis).

  2. Hello,

    This is Bala from The Chocolate Cellar – YES – we do supply the bars. We have not yet had a chance to add them on to the website as it is a new product. Cost is £3 + £0.99 p+p.

    Please e-mail me if you would like to purchase some.

    Thanks for the review – Bala –,

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Great – thanks for letting us know, Bala!

  4. Hi there – I’d just like to clarify that any orders I do receive for the Rose n Chilli Chocolate will be dealt with by Little Green Men ( as this chocolate was specifically developed for this company and we are a supplier to them. I would suggest that if you do have an issue with customer services they are directed to Little Green Men to give them a chance to resolve the situation (The chief chilli man is very reasonable). I’m sure you’d agree that it’s a bit unfair to post about a company’s customer services without giving them a chance to rectify the situation.

    Bala – Chocolatier – Chocolate Cellar

  5. Paola Kathuria

    This review’s mention of Little Green Men’s customer service was based on my experience.

    My first order never turned up, even after chasing it up by phone, and I asked for a refund. The second order arrived incomplete and was only completed after chasing them up by phone again (they never replied to my mail).

    So, despite my issues being rectified one way or another, I cannot recommend shopping from Little Green Men.


  6. We are delighted to have won the Foods North West Award for this bar. We are selling this directly from the chocolate Cellar now… our new shop and hot chocolate cafe are based in Liverpool City Centre.

  7. For Nepali and Indian food, all curry powders have saimlir ingredients. I use curry powder and cumin powder from Winco. In Indian stores, you can buy different types of curry powder, but I don’t normally use those. Sorry about the late reply, I was super busy. Did you make the sauce?

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