Gorvett & Stone Cinder Toffee Easter Egg

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Time for another Easter Egg! This one is from one of my favourite chocolatiers, Gorvett & Stone.

As with most Gorvett & Stone products, it’s a simple and elegant looking affair. Inside the clear plastic box is an unassuming 250g egg wrapped in gold foil.

Inside the egg is a bag containing three large chunks of milk chocolate covered cinder toffee (honeycomb). Three pieces might not seem a lot, but they’re sizeable chunks, and pretty much fill the inside of the egg.

From the outside, the shell is smooth and glossy, but inside is lumpy, thanks to more chunks of cinder coffee embedded in the egg itself.

The milk chocolate in question is from Valrhona and 29% cocoa solids. That’s not a particularly rich chocolate, but it works very well with the honeycomb flavour.

The honeycomb is thick and at least as crunchy as a Crunchie, while the milk chocolate is creamy and a little reminiscent of (much better quality) Galaxy. This would make the perfect gift for someone who likes those old favourites, but deserves something a bit special for Easter.

Make no mistake, this is an egg for those with a sweet tooth. But it’s made with care from quality ingredients, and I quickly managed to scoff my way through far more than I should have done.

Despite this egg being a little sweet for my usual tastes, I really did enjoy it. It looks and tastes great, and would make a great gift for someone who deserves a bit better than a run of the mill mass produced Easter Egg this year.


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