Matcha Chocolat Easter Egg Selection

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Time for more chocolates from the prolific Katie Christoffers’ Matcha Chocolat. We’ve reviewed quite a few of her selections recently, but this one is a little different.

Inside the familiar Matcha box, lies a secret. Not individual chocolates, but mini Easter Eggs! And as you’ll see, these are no ordinary eggs.

Each of the 12 eggs in the box is divided in half, with a different filling in each half.

You can either eat them at the same time, or pull them apart and taste them separately. This is a wonderful idea, partly because you get three very different experiences with each egg, but also simply because they look so good.

There are four varieties of egg in the box:

Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Ganache / Pecan Feullantine

A smooth, dark ganache with a crunchy, nutty feullantine. A great contrast of textures and flavours, with the sweetness of the feullantine complementing the dark ganache very nicely.

Tonka Bean Caramel / Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Ganache

The same dark ganache is paired with a tasty tonka bean caramel in this egg. I’m a bit of a fan of tonka bean, and it works very well in a caramel, giving an extra dimension to the flavour. It’s a little like a burnt caramel flavour, but more subtle. Again, the sweetness is nicely complemented with dark ganache.

Pistachio Dark Chocolate Ganache / Pistachio Marzipan

I love pistachio and I love marzipan, so it goes without saying I love this egg. There’s a perfect flavour balance and lovely colour to te filling.

Sea Salt Caramel / Hazelnut Feullantine

The sweetest of the selection, but also perhaps my favourite. Subtle salted caramel with a deliciously crunchy hazelnut feullantine work perfectly and make this egg irresistible.

I love this innovative Easter collection.

I’m a big fan of filled eggs over large, cheap, hollow eggs anyway, but the concept, style and execution of this particular collection makes it the perfect Easter gift for any real chocolate lover. Highly recommended.


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  1. Pistachio and marzipan are probably two of my all time favourite ingredients. Must get me some of those!!!

  2. Matcha and chocolate, two of my favv ingredients! hahaa
    -Simply Bakes

  3. Brian

    But Matcha aren’t trading any more? This website is sooooo out of date sometimes.

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