Cadbury Dairy Milk Melts – Deliciously Dark

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Recently I reviewed a product from Cadbury South Africa that combined Dairy Milk with white chocolate. Well this (British) chocolate could be considered the exact opposite. Dairy Milk chocolate with a soft dark chocolate centre.

Inside this rather attractive cardboard box are eight small, individually wrapped bars…

Now I hadn’t even heard of the “Melts” range, so I didn’t no quite what to expect. But the packaging certainly looks a cut above the rest of the Dairy Milk range. I was so intrigued, I even went and read the blurb on Cadbury’s web site – a wonderfully dry page full of marketing speak and statistics which made it quite clear that this chocolate is not aimed at me.

In fact, Cadbury seem to have positioned Dairy Milk Melts quite specifically. Reading between the lines, it’s aimed at a 45-year-old married, working mother from Yorkshire who is watching television with a cup of coffee in the evening. I particularly like the line which starts “Children are clearly detrimental…”

Cadbury obviously knows its audience.

But enough of this frivolity! You want to know what the chocolate is like right?

Well you’ll be pleased to know that it’s completely divine. Easily the best variation on Dairy Milk that I’ve tasted in a long, long time.

Let a chunk melt on your tongue and the creamy milk chocolate slowly melts away, leaving the truffle-like dark chocolate centre. As you might expect, the trick is to let a single chunk melt slowly, and when you do, the flavours gradually build, becoming richer and more chocolatey. But the taste isn’t at all bitter, just more intense.

A lot of thought has obviously been put into the development of “Melts”, and I think that has paid off. I’m genuinely looking forward to trying the rest of the range. And if you’re a married working mother from Yorkshire, I recommend trying them for yourself.


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  1. I’ve notice Dairy Milk bars available in places they weren’t before. Maybe there’s a push on. But these sound wonderful, I’ll keep a look out.

  2. Oooh, I love these little things. I don’t fit the demographics, being a 31 year old single woman living in London, but I still like ’em!

    It panders to one of my rather more disgusting habits of dunking chocolate in tea. I apologise for that, but I only do it with your bog standard chocolate like Cadbury’s and Galaxy!!!

  3. jMo

    Hmmm, chocolate in tea. Love chocolate, love tea, why not. Thanks for the idea.

  4. pia

    where can i buy it?!

  5. ritu

    ..hmmmmmmmmm i like dark chocolatessssssss very much…..

  6. Do you remember Cadbury’s (or was it Rowntree’s?) Chocolate Orange? It has a nice orange flavor in the orange-shaped chocolate chunks…..the popping candy ones are devine!

  7. bisma

    i just loveeeeeeee cadbury

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