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Here’s a bit of Valentine’s fun from Chococo. A 125g dark chocolate heart with white chocolate cherubs and little sugar hearts and a selection of 16 fresh chocolates. Let’s start with the heart.

You can pick from other varieties of chocolate heart, but the lovely people at Chococo obviously knew I’d go for this dark chocolate one. It’s made from 73% Venezuelan dark chocolate, which may sound quite rich for what is essentially a novelty gift, but it’s actually very easy to eat. While the flavour doesn’t have a huge amount of character to it, it’s very enjoyable, and infinitely better than the kind of chocolate hearts you might find on your supermarket shelf.

The iridescent white chocolate cherubs and simple sugar hearts add a bit of sweetness to proceedings, and make it look really quite special. Certainly one of the most impressive looking chocolate hearts I’ve seen recently.

And then we have the selection box.

Presented in Chococo’s standard (and very stylish) chequerboard boxes, are sixteen fresh, handmade chocolates made with local ingredients including fresh Dorset cream.

I’ve reviewed several of these individual chocolates before, so I’m not going to go into great depth this time. If you’re interested, you can go back and read our other Chococo reviews for a more in-depth analysis.

Suffice to say, they look and taste wonderful and will put you in your Valentine’s good books for at least 24 hours. The freshness of the ingredients and care with which they’ve been put together is something that consistently shines through with Chococo, and this box was no exception to that.

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift to impress (and perhaps to share!) then you can’t go wrong with this gift set. It’s £25 for this box of 16 chocolates, or £31 for 25, and you can buy it online, which means the only effort you need to go to this Valentine’s day is to move your hand over to the mouse… go on… you can manage that…


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  1. Chocs look great, very stylish. Should do very well at Valentine’s. Thanks

  2. Jessica

    Enter to win some free chocolates on my blog, you fellow chocolate lover!

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