After Eight Grand Marnier Straws

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My first thoughts when I spotted these were along the lines of – “Surely some mistake?” and “Are they that desperate to increase their profits?”

I was in Edinburgh – in Woolies of all places – when these intriguing little chocolate straws waved to me from the shelf. I thought they’d make an interesting gift for my wife (who is also partial to the odd bit of chocolate now and then) so I grabbed a tube. The next week or so was an exercise in self control. There they were, every time I opened my case, teasing me.

So what do you get? Obviously, an interesting package. Definitely going for the upmarket look. However, a quick read of he label and alarm bells start ringing.

Ingredients – Plain Chocolate.

No indication of cocoa content? Hmmm. As any self-respecting piggy, sorry, chocolate lover knows, cocoa content in particularly important, especially if you’re dealing with the ‘good stuff’.

When the packet was opened (a twist of the base and the upper part slides off) the straws present themselves in a neat ‘fan’. Very attractive. Somebody has obviously thought this through. Imagine mine hostess delivering them to the centre of the table after dinner. very sophisticated.

Now comes the crucial part – how do they taste? Well, to be perfectly honest, they’re very average. The chocolate feels as though it’s cheap. It has that grainy texture one often finds with low-cocoa plain chocolate, and the filling is overly sweet (for my palate at least).

Far from being the sophisticated, well made, rich tasting treats I’d expected, they came across as being more like kid sweets – overly sugared, made from cheap ingredients and ultimately disappointing.

If you like the sickly sweetness of the Cadbury’s Creme Egg then these might well be your idea of a good thing, but I’m afraid they left me cold. Definitely not posh chocs!


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  1. Well that’s dissapointing! Given the package presentation I also would have expected something finer, more gourmet. Down with cheap chocolate!

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