Hotel Chocolat Super Boosters

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Any chocolate that comes in a test tube must be good. If it’s made from cocoa nibs and has a Hotel Chocolat logo on it, then it should be awesome.

The name and presentation are clearly designed to get you thinking this is some kind of super-scientific medical product. A cure-all drug that will give you the energy you need to get through the day.

So what are they? Very simply, they’re St. Lucian Trinitario cocoa beans covered in either 70% dark or 40% milk chocolate. St. Lucian again, of course.

Of course, cocoa nibs are packed with antioxidants and caffeine, so while the packaging isn’t meant to be taken too seriously, there is something to be said for the “little grains of happiness” strapline. Take one of these tubes into the office to nibble on through the day and not only will they help keep you awake, but they may even be good for you!

But of course the question of importance is “do they taste nice?”, and of course, the answer is emphatically “Yes!”. But nibs aren’t to everyone’s taste, and if you’ve never tried them, or dark chocolate scares you, then you should probably go for the milk chocolate version, and be prepared for the funky, fruity bitterness of the unprocessed cocoa bean. It’s an acquired taste, but one that’s quite easy to acquire if you give it a chance.

For me though, the dark chocolate version was the winner. The less-sweet chocolate just goes better with the flavour of the nib. There’s a lovely soft crunch to them, with none of the tooth-breakingly hard pieces you sometimes find in other nib-based products.

Will they keep you alert and “boosted”? That’s hard to tell, especially given that much of my day revolves around eating chocolate anyway. They’re certainly not in the same league as Buzz Bites when it comes to caffeine content, but thankfully they don’t have the scary side effects of Buzz Bites either. Suffice to say I’ll be keeping a tube of these on my desk for emergencies for the rest of the week.


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