Asda Extra Special Easter Egg

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Asda Extra Special Easter Egg

Ah, Asda. Part of the world’s largest public company and purveyor of fine chocolates… perhaps. We’ve never actually reviewed anything from Asda – partly perhaps because they’re not known for their chocolate, but primarily because nobody at Chocablog lives anywhere near one. So I was oddly excited when Asda PR offered to send us a sample of one of their “Extra Special” Easter eggs. If it’s extra special, it must be good!

Asda Extra Special Easter Egg

What we have here is a 330g milk chocolate egg with five mini eggs that (allegedly) have a “crème brûlée flavour truffle centre”. Well we’ll see about that!

Once you get past the quite-ordinary-and-not-very-special packaging, the first thing that strikes you is the quality of the finish on the chocolate. It’s not very good. Both the main egg and mini egg look as though they’ve been decorated in a hurry then rolled around in bits of leftover chocolate. It’s hardly a luxury look.

Asda Extra Special Easter Egg

The milk chocolate is 30% cocoa solids, 20% milk solids and is very, very sweet. The inside of the egg has small pieces of toffee and fudge (basically just differently prepared chunks of sugar), which just add to the sweetness. There’s very little in the way of real cocoa flavour going on here.

Asda Extra Special Easter Egg

The same is true for the mini eggs. But at least they’re interesting. The filling is light and fluffy, with a slight hint of fudge flavour, but that texture quickly becomes gloopy and sticky in the mouth. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that the first two ingredients of the mini eggs are sugar and palm oil.

I really wanted to like this, but unfortunately I can only truly recommend it to those who are looking to self-induce a diabetic coma. I find it a little shocking that there is somebody who must have approved the production of this thing, and someone else who let it past quality control. Unfortunately, Asda sent two of them as well.


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