Seeds of Change Organic Milk Chocolate with Apricot and Cashew

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Seeds of Change Organic Milk Chocolate with Apricot and Cashew

When I reviewed Seeds of Change’s Dark Chocolate Fig & Orange bar in January, I said to expect to see more from them on Chocablog – and here it is.

This time I’ve chosen a milk chocolate bar to review – one containing apricots and cashew nuts, both of which I’m quite partial to as snack foods. Of course, being Seeds of Change, this bar doesn’t contain just any old apricots. They use Malatya apricots from Turkey, selected for their succulence and sweetness. As for the cashews, well, they’re just cashews as far as I can tell. There’s no mention of an exclusive cashew farm in Kazakhstan or anything.

The chocolate is, of course, organic, and at 35% cocoa it has a lovely richness of flavour and a rather sweet taste. The cashews are crisp and very flavoursome, and the apricots are indeed sweet, soft and very tasty. It’s a very well thought out combination of flavours, and the end result is a dangerously moreish bar.


A glance at the package tells you that this isn’t a bar to be monstered up. Far from it. It is almost 49% carbohydrate, of which 45% is sugar. Three squares contains 26% of the RDA of saturated fat – that’s more than the Tesco Espresso Bar, and I thought THAT was excessively fatty!

I can’t deny that this is a very tasty bar of chocolate, and the ethos behind Seeds of Change is unquestionably on the right track as regards corporate responsibility and ‘giving something back’, but the labelling of this chocolate bar made me realise that milk chocolate is more likely to be higher in saturates and sugar, and by a long margin.

I welcome responsible labelling of foods, and I hope that consumers are encouraged to read and understand food labelling so that informed choices can be made. I have no wish to discourage readers from trying out this bar, but I would certainly advise moderation. Three or four pieces a day of this bar is quite enough if you want to stay healthy, and as we know, a little of what you fancy does no harm.


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