Waitrose Cherry & Orange Truffle Boules

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Waitrose Cherry & Orange Truffle Boules

Waitrose have a range of what I assume to be festively themed chocolates on the shelves, and being a sucker for fruity chocs, I thought I’d give these a go.

As you can see, the packaging is very pretty and that bow is lovely, but if you’re giving these as a Christmas present, it’s worth remembering that nothing says “I love you” like a box of supermarket chocolates… and there’s no escaping the Waitrose branding here.

But what exactly are “truffle boules”..?

Waitrose Cherry & Orange Truffle Boules

Well if God made Smarties, this is what they would look like. They are so incredibly pretty. Finished in matt orange and pink sugar shells, they wouldn’t look out of place as decorations on a miniature Christmas tree.

Inside the colourful shell is a layer of dark chocolate, with the truffle mixture inside that. The chocolate is only 50% cocoa solids, but this is more about the the other flavours and textures than the chocolate itself.

Waitrose Cherry & Orange Truffle Boules

The truffle is thick and slightly chewy, but it works well. I think a lighter filling may have been a little disappointing after crunching through the sugar shell. Once you get past that initial crunchy sweetness, the favours become much more subtle too. The orange flavour is pleasant, but I particularly like the cherry flavour which has hints of marzipan and Christmas pudding. It really is rather nice.

These are really just posh sweeties though. Leave a few bowls of them around at Christmas parties and I don’t think you’ll get any complaints. I’ll certainly be picking up some more.


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