Cadbury Dream

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It’s not often we review white chocolate on Chocablog. That’s mainly because there’s just not as much of it around as there is milk or dark chocolate. But it’s also because some people don’t regard it as “proper” chocolate.

Because we don’t talk about it much, you might not even be aware how white chocolate is actually made. Basically, it involves mixing large quantities of sugar, cocoa butter, milk and flavourings in a big bowl, but leaving out the cocoa solids (liquor). If you’re really interested in the different types of chocolate, I suggest reading this and this.

By its nature, white chocolate is usually very sweet, and Dream is no exception. But the very first thing you notice when you open it is an overwhelming vanilla aroma. It’s quite a nice smell, but it’s a little too strong to be natural.

Cadbury DreamThe bar is divided into chunks, in a similar fashion to Dairy Milk and has a slightly translucent, creamy colour. It doesn’t look unpleasant, but for me it just doesn’t have the appeal of a good quality dark – or even milk – chocolate.

And then you bite into it… and you’re immediately hit by something so sweet it feels like you’re being force fed 10 bags of sugar it once. It really is that sweet. There is definitely a vanilla taste in there, but it’s almost completely overwhelmed by the sweetness. It’s a kind of sweetness that hangs around in your mouth for an hour after you’ve eaten it.

The texture is smooth and creamy and pleasant enough, but for me, the sweetness is overwhelming. That’s not to say it’s inedible, but I don’t think I could manage more than one or two chunks of this bar a day. But if you have a really sweet tooth or you’re simply in need of a massive sugar hit, this might well do it for you.


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  1. midnightminx

    ive never tried a dream bar but i know i do love milkybar chunky…for the kid in us all eh? 😀

  2. Sera

    Sounds like this is something I’d like!

  3. Robby

    As the saying goes…you tried the rest and now tried the best, its hmmmm…hmmm….the best…you would never want to stop eating…

  4. Sarah

    Cadbury Dream is a satisfying chocolate bar, but having too much makes it become sickly. I think that if this bar was a bit less sweet, it would taste even better. Maybe different varieties rather than just the normal bar would be good too.

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