Chocoholly Organic Milk Chocolate With Cardamom

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Chocoholly Organic Milk Chocolate With Cardamom

Another one of Holly Caulfield’s handmade, organic chocolate bars, this time infused with cardamom – one of my favourite spices.

This is a 37% cocoa milk chocolate bar, made using organic ingredients and is of a similar high standard to Holly’s dark chocolate bar which I reviewed back in September. At almost £4.00 a bar, this stuff isn’t cheap. It’s in the same price bracket as a Hotel Chocolat ‘Purist’ bar, but it is handmade and Holly does use top quality ingredients – and this shows when it comes to tasting.

A well balanced, smooth and creamy milk chocolate with a good whiff of cardamom which was evident as the packaging was removed. The chocolate is very smooth, full bodied and not too sweet, with the cardamom adding it’s own unique top notes to the mix. It’s quite gentle, subtle blend – don’t expect rampaging cardamom flavours, after all, this is primarily chocolate, and Holly loves her chocolate.

Like it’s darker sibling, there’s a sense of good quality ingredients blended together with love and skill, and the result is a very tasty bar of chocolate. Full flavoured and creamy milk chocolate with a very pleasing mouthfeel, long on flavour with an underlying tang of cardamom which lingers on the palate as the chocolate melts away. Despite my best efforts to the contrary this bar didn’t last as long as I would have liked.

Ms Caulfield is very active when it comes to publicising her wares. A glance at the Chocoholly website shows that she’s often out and about, giving away samples of her chocolate at various shops and food events, or persuading local business to give samples on her behalf. You can buy this and the rest of her range of products at John Lewis’ food halls, so it isn’t hard to track down, and I’d say it was well worth doing so if you’re partial to some good quality chocs with interesting flavours and beautiful packaging.


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