Thorntons Milk Chocolate With Strawberry

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Thorntons Milk Chocolate With Strawberry

As I mentioned last week, Thorntons recently sent us some of their latest blocks to review, and this little pink box contains one of those very blocks – a Madagascan 32% milk chocolate with freeze dried straberries. It’s marked as a Limited Edition, but that strikes me as a bit of a marketing gimmick more than anything else.

Inside the box, the square looks just like the others in the range – although there’s no gold or silver foil here, back to the same old rather cheap looking plastic wrapper, unfortunately.

Thorntons Milk Chocolate With Strawberry

Click on the photo to enlarge it and you might be able to make out the odd tiny fleck of strawberry. A little disappointing perhaps – that is, until you turn the bar over….

Thorntons Milk Chocolate With Strawberry

The underside is packed with fairly substantial chunks of brightly coloured freeze-dried strawberry. Significantly more than I was expecting.

The chocolate is smooth, creamy and quite sweet, with just a hint of strawberry flavour. It’s quite nice in its own right, but there’s no escaping the big pieces of strawberry in every square.

As with all freeze dried strawberries, they initially have a slightly cardboardy texture that comes to life as they hydrate in your mouth. As they become softer, they release that tart, tangy hit of fresh strawberries. On their own, that would be too much, but with the sweet milk chocolate, they work really well.

The way to eat this bar is definitely to let each square melt slowly on your tongue. The flavours and textures both change as the chocolate melts away, and it’s really rather nice.

I’d still rate the Macadamia block above this one, and the (soon to be reviewed) Tonka bean bar at the top of this particular pile, but at £1.79 this is certainly worth checking out if you happen to be passing your local Thorntons.


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  1. Hannah

    I think Thornton’s has a thing or two to learn from little old Canberra in Australia – a local chocolate maker here has just brought out a 70% dark chocolate bar with freeze dried strawberries and sichuan pepper. After tasting its complexities and scrumptiousness, I don’t think I could ever be interested in a milk chocolate with only strawberries! :p

  2. Oh I don’t know, I think milk chocolate and strawberries go pretty well, but that could just be because it’s what I’m craving today… or this particular hour at least!

  3. Hannah

    Ah, but see if you have a milk chocolate craving, that’s when you’d opt for The Curious Chocolatier’s new Caramel Milk Chocolate with Pecans (which I plan to have this afternoon…)

    It sounds like I work for them, doesn’t it? If only! Just a bit excited that there’s an innovative chocolate bar, rather than just truffle, maker in Canberra!

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