Mychelle’s Baketique Christmas Selection

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I have to confess, I hadn’t heard of Mychelle’s Baketique before. The American style cupcake bakery has opened a Christmas pop-up on the fifth floor of Harvey Nichols, who got in touch to ask if they could send some samples. Who am I to refuse?

What arrived at my door was this rather cute box packed with goodies.

The biggest item in the box is this fun snowman. It has a handmade – and to be honest, home made – feel about it. It’s a little silly, but I still quite like it.

The surprise was cutting into it and finding a whole apple, rather than some cakey surprise. I didn’t have any description of the items and I have to admit I was a little disappointed to find something so… healthy.

Having said that, the juicy apple was a rather nice counterpoint to the sweet white chocolate, and the flavour worked quite well.

Also in my box of goodies were long, thin snowmen on sticks and pretzels dipped in chocolate and covered in hundreds and thousands.

I was a little concerned about what vegetable might form the centre of the snowmen, but these ones are filled with a soft and slightly chewy marshmallow. Needless to say they’re very sweet, but I did manage to scoff a whole one.

My surprise favourite from the box was the pretzel sticks, which have a very nice crunch and a good balance of sweet and salty. They look quite Christmassy too.

Obviously these are aimed at kids more than they are at me, but I still quite enjoyed them. If you’re in Harvey Nichols, it’s certainly worth a look to see what’s on offer.

Mychelle’s Baketique can be found on the fifth floor of Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge until December 30th.


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