Heavens Above Dark Chocolate With Oil Of Mint

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Last week I looked at a milk chocolate Heavens Above with coffee, so I thought I’d look take a look at a dark chocolate one this week.

As you can see, the packaging is pretty similar, with another retro photo with “witty” caption. I should add that I actually felt a little self conscious buying a bar of chocolate with a picture of a man in the bath on the front. It’s not that I have an issue with men taking baths, but I just can’t see who this is meant to appeal to, aside from those looking for a “novelty” gift. The fact that the caption talks about chocolate scented soap doesn’t help much either, because that’s what I instinctively found myself comparing this to.

The bar itself smells quite minty and looks nice and dark. It’s only 54% cocoa solids though, and when you bite into it you can really tell. There’s a fairly pleasant minty taste, but it’s quite difficult to pick out any chocolate flavours at all. This actually reminds me more of a Kendal Mint Cake than a bar of chocolate. It’s all sugar and mint.

And that’s really all I can find to say about this bar. It’s not easy to do a chocolate review of a chocolate that doesn’t taste of chocolate. Suffice to say, at £3.50 a bar, this is another Heavens Above chocolate worth going out of your way to avoid.


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  1. A darker chocolate would be better with the mint and you can tell by the color that it’s not very dark. Still, I love the mint and dark chocolate combo.

    The Peanut Butter Boy

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