Hotel Chocolat Summer Goody Bag

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Time for another Hotel Chocolat goody bag! I do love these things, despite the fact that they come in a little handbag and are probably not aimed at me. I think there’s something exciting about ripping open a bag full of unknown treasures. So that’s exactly what I did.

The Summer Good Bag contains five items:


We’ve already seen these little chocolate drops in the Pretty In Pink Goody Bag, and they’re just as delicious as they’ve always been. Little drops of white & dark chocolate, heated on the outside to give a marbled effect. The slightly different ratio of dark to white chocolate in each one makes every mouthful a little different. Very, very moreish.

Salted Caramel & Praline Marbles

Something else that’s very difficult to stop eating! A 140g bag of sea salted caramel & praline spheres. The mix of praline and caramel has a fudge like texture, but retains all the flavour of a salted caramel. Perhaps a touch too sweet, but the touch of salt really lifts the flavour. Not on the same level as some of the fresh salted caramels we’ve had recently, but still rather nice.

Eton Mess Lick

White chocolate on a stick. Or white chocolate with freeze dried strawberries and pieces of meringue, at least. Very similar to the “Strawberry Meringue Lick” that came in the Pretty In Pink goody bag, except this one is square with Union Jacks embossed on the surface.

It’s very sweet, a little sickly, and altogether too pink. But none of those factors prevented me eating it in around 30 seconds.

Banoffee Mini Slab

A 100g slab of milk and caramel chocolate with shortbread cookie pieces and real banana ‘crisps’. I’ve mentioned many times how much I love Hotel Chocolat’s caramel chocolate (a blend of milk chocolate and caramel), so it goes without saying I love this bar.

But half of the slab is an interesting banana flavoured milk chocolate – something I haven’t seen before, but would love to see more of.

It’s packed with lots of tiny, crunchy shortbread pieces and thin slices of crisped banana, which I wasn’t that keen on. The chocolate had more banana flavour than the actual banana.

I did enjoy this, but as with the rest of the goody bag, it’s very sweet. After eating a few pieces of it, I not only had to put it down, but needed to take a break before completing the rest of the review!

Summer Selection

Last up, we have a selection of individual summer chocolates. Or rather, we have three pairs of chocolates – a white chocolate Raspberry Yoghurt heart and a milk chocolate Billionaire Shortbread.

These are both nice, soft centred chocolates, but they’re not outstanding. I found the citrus of the raspberry yoghurt a little jarring with the creamy white chocolate, but I did like the milk chocolate. I’m not convinced that two different chocolates constitutes a ‘summer selection’ though, and I don’t know why Hotel Chocolat couldn’t find six different chocolates that fit into the summer theme.

Overall then, a nice little goody bag, but one that I think could be improved with a little more variety. I particularly enjoyed the Gemstones and Salted Carmel Pralines, but neither of those are particularly summery in themselves.


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  1. Those milk chocolate “lattice” ones look nice!

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