Bounty Bar

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Bounty Bar

Today I’m continuing with my “back to basics” chocolate bar reviews, with the next on the shopping list being the Bounty Bar.

Now, I must be particularly susceptible to advertising as just the glimpse of the split coconut, azure waters and leafy palm trees on the wrapper sends me off into my own little daydream where I’m lying in a hammock in the tropics, slowly eating a chocolate bar, sipping a cocktail and having my own rather hunky Adonis fanning me with palm leaves.

Ahem, where was I. Oh yes, the Bounty Bar.

The first thing you need to know about this chocolate bar is of vital importance. The Bounty Bar demands to be eaten straight out of the fridge. Some chocolate bars are quite flexible, and while not optimum, it doesn’t really matter if you buy it off a warm shelf in your local newsagent and eat it at your desk a few hours later, but a tepid Bounty Bar is an unloved Bounty Bar – and pretty flavourless.

So, you’re in your tropical daydream, you’ve got your suitably chilled Bounty Bar in front of you, you rip off the wrapper enthusiastically – what do you find?

Inside you get two “mini” bars of Bounty. Each about 6cm long, 2.5cm wide and 1.5cm deep. The chocolate on the top is pleasantly rippled, presumably echoing the waves on our tropical fantasy beach, and the base has the word BOUNTY and palm trees repeatedly printed on the bottom – just in case you were in danger of forgetting what you were eating.

Biting into it, if you fridged it properly as instructed, you get a nice crunch of milk chocolate – a satisfyingly thick coating – the chocolate is not a mere afterthought in a Bounty Bar. The interior coconut filling is soft, moist and beautifully coconutty. However, it should be said that the milk chocolate coating is slightly sweeter than, say Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, which is a little disappointing as it doesn’t offer as much contrast to the subtle flavours of the coconut filling as it might. Despite being a die-hard milk chocolate fan, I suspect I might get on better with the dark chocolate version in this instance.

The bad news is, that the mini bar is snaffled within a couple of bites. The good news – there’s a second bar to follow! When they’re both gone, I am left feeling nice and full and chocolate cravings are satisfied, so I’m not immediately raiding the fridge for another one.

So, on the whole, the Bounty Bar is a worthy classic of the confectionery aisle, but only if eaten properly chilled.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Completely agree – Bounty just has to be eaten cold for that chocolate crunch. I prefer the dark chocolate version though. Mmmmm.

  2. BT

    Yes, the Bounty Bar is a heavenly treat. I enjoy most chocolate bars straight out of the frig. Thanks for sharing these yummy blog posts.

  3. There’s nothing quite like a Bounty. Both milk and dark are wonderful. You have to like coconut though, and if you do the Bounty is like a little piece of heaven. And what’s more there are 2 of them in every pack. It’s the complete package for the chocolate bar conoisseur.

  4. JP Turner

    Im still bitter about the change from the wax paper wraper to plastic. It was a sad day indeed 🙁

  5. Its deliciooooouuuuuusssss!!!!!

  6. Almighty God this is the best test ever. I am wondring how could be the test if the chocolate was filled with Peanut Butter instaed of Coconut.

  7. I would like to point out that Blue Bounty bars are the superior chocolate taste sensation, I feel sorry for those stuck on the wrong side, the dark side, those red eaters need help, please set up a fund called the ‘Help Little Sophie off the Red ones fund’

    All donations will go towards Blue Bountys which will be fed to little Sophie in an attempt to re-condition her mind filled with dark chocolate evil thoughts!

    I thank you,

  8. Andy Malley

    When did they remove the cardboard tray these delicious bars used to sit in?

  9. Karen Gilchrist

    Sod Bounty’s. GIVE ME A DOUBLE DECKER!!!!! mmmmmmmmm, so yummy.
    Just like my man Andy above me….xxxx

  10. Molly

    why not just get a bounty ice cream if you like cold bountys?

  11. Ralf

    Too bad that here in Holland, they only sell the bar, with the 2 small bars in the package since a couple years ago. I have so many fond memories of the old 1 solid bar, you know. Its nostalgic for me.

  12. M E Wickett

    May I have permission to mention bounty bars in my novel ‘Bully Boys’ by Maisie Thomas printed by Trafford Publishing. The text is as follows:-

    (She hung them on the tree using paper clips and placed a few miniature chocolate bars of aero, crunchie, bounties, and Cadburys twirls that she’d raided from the fridge at home, and placed them on the bare branches. After placing a few crackers here and there, the tree didn’t look too bad, even if she said so herself.)

    Many thanks for your assistance.

  13. Natalia

    I love this chocolate. I used to live in Europe and it was sold in every grocery store. Now that I live in New york, I find it difficult to find the bars. Even though I love the milk and the dark chocolate bars, the milk bar is more commonly found (even though its really rare as well) and therefore the one that I eat most often. I wish the chocolate was more readily available in the states. It remains my favorite since early childhood.

  14. Yasmin

    its my favorite chocolate in the world im 12 and wen i was little i used to sneak of to the shop with alot of money and started to buy tons of them (LOL)i love it love love love who else loves it?????? bounty rocks

  15. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    They are very nice on a hot summer day. Sometimes the simple things are the best!

  16. Alaa Salloum


  17. Alaa Salloum

    yes Dom I agree with you!!

  18. asad

    dose bounty contains any ingredients whic is made out of any animal product, is it halal. or kosher certified

  19. i like bounty bcoz of d awesome taste.evryone shld taste this.

  20. Brandyn P

    I just grabbed a 4 pack today, mmmm Yummers. I just them in the fridge 😉 I will crack into those a lil later tonight. My gf just loves Bounty bars. I was watching survivor man the other night and he was on a tropical island eating coconuts, guess we got a craving!

  21. i lovedddddddddddddddddddddddddddd itttttttttttttttttt

  22. Bridget

    I love Bounty….yum…but with all the limited editions of chocolate bars they have out there, I think Bounty should do one…maybe with pieces of dried fruit in it…like the Cabanna bars i remember when i was small…they were lush!

  23. David Johnson

    Froth froth froth froth froth

  24. dfg

    I love to eathem

  25. Nate from the Future

    I was once travelled back in time to eat one of these bad boys (they don’t make them in the future) then my younger self and his legend buddies saw me and then I had to go in to the convenience mart (where my time machine is).

  26. Ollie

    I love bounties. They are perfectly sweet and the coconut in the centre is creamy and rich and soft. The desiccated pieces are mushed together so you don’t get that horrible crunchy taste. Mind you, you have to get them straight from the fridge so that the chocolate is still hard and crisp. Try it on a hot day-its lush!

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